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Chambard, C.
'Chambard, C.'  photo
Photo courtesy of jedmar
Rose breeder   Listing last updated on 20 Oct 2020.
60, chemin de Saint-Priest
Lyon, Rhône-alpes
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C. Chambard ( - 1945)
[From Les Amis des Roses, November-December 1925, p. 271:] Fondés en 1901, les Etablissements C. Chambard, 60, chemin de Saint-Priest, sonl justemenl réputés pour leur belle tenue.

[From A Rose Odyssey, by J.H. Nicolas, p. 15:] C. Chambard is the last of Pernet's "buddies" still in active business. He is a very skilled rose grower, and the younger generation is eager for his counsel. He practices very close pruning on old plants....In his breeding work he is partial to the H.P. Frau Karl Druschki as a reinforcer. Chambard is expertly helped by his niece, Mme Denoyel, and their best productions of late years are Marguerite Chambard, Souvenir de Mme Chambard, Governor Alfred E. Smith, and Golden Queen.

[From Modern Roses II, p. 32:] Chambard, C., Parilly-Venissieux-Les-Lyon, Rhone, France.

[From Roll Call: The Old Rose Breeder, p. 73:]
C. Chambard
7 Impasse des Quatre-Maisons
Lyon, France

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