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Paolino, Francesco Giacomo
'Paolino, Francesco Giacomo'  photo
Photo courtesy of jedmar
Rose breeder   Listing last updated on 18 Jan 2021.
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[From The Makers of Heavenly Roses, by Jack Harkness, p. 125:] Paolino was an Italian immigrant in France...When Antoine and Francis Meilland presented themselves at the nursery of F. Paolino, good will was overflowing. The serious Frenchmen and the effervescent little Italian found themselves fellow spirits among Paolino's roses. ..When Francesco's wife, Marie-Elisabeth, heard their story, she had Antoine and Francis out of their hotel and into her house in no time at all. There Francis met the daughter of the house, a little girl of thirteen, Louisette Paolino. About seven years later, she would be his bride.
[From The Makers of Heavenly Roses, by Jack Harkness, p. 128:] to [Francesco Paolino] the prime virtue of a rose was its use as a cut flower...

[From Créateurs de roses, by Nathalie Ferrand, 2015, p. 118:] Généalogie Famille Meilland
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