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Howard, Frederick Huber

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Rose breeder   Listing last updated on 08 Jul 2020.
Montebello, California
United States
Frederick Huber Howard, Montebello, California.

[From the American Rose Annual 1927, p. 22:] Fred H. Howard, of Los Angeles and Montebello...

[From the American Rose Annual 1945, p. 226:] Frederick Huber Howard, Montebello, California.

[From Two Centuries of the Rose in California, by Dan MacMaster, p. 27: in 1918] Fred Howard of Los Angeles... won the gold medal in the Bagatelle competition in Paris, the second time for an American to do so. Three years later he won another, and many more honors were to come his way. The last, incidentally, was posthumous. The 'Fred Howard' rose was an All-America Selection for 1952.

[From the American Rose Annual 1943, p. 133:] Fred H. Howard, of Montebello...Where New Roses Are To Come From. The various points which I took into consideration are combined in the following: habit, vigor, resistance to disease, freedom of bloom, stem and foliage, flower and bud form, keeping qualities when on or off the plant, color, and last but not least, fragrance. With these factors in mind, I determined to proceed in my rose-breeding activities along strictly genetical lines ...Many years ago I concluded that a carefully tabulated system of line-breeding would be productive of better results than the too-often "hit or miss" methods of breeding so generally practiced. In casting around for a mother plant which incorporated in a major degree a high proportion of the factors listed above, I selected John Cook's rose Radiance. The silver thread of Radiance utilized as a mother plant "Shows its characteristics in nearly all of the roses that I have been sponsor for, over a period of many years. Die-back habit has been eliminated, vigor of growth has been accentuated, and ability to perform under varying climatic conditions has been augmented to a great degree. Besides which, there is incorporated in the strain the color series to be noted in the ultra-Pernetiana hybrids, this with a partial elimination of the defects of extreme thorniness, sprawly or depressed habit and the die-back characteristics generally patent in the inbred types of this class. . .Due to the inherently hybrid character of the modern rose, the application of the Mendelian law of genetics, so easily worked out with species, is not applicable for definite mathematical results with these ultra-hybrid forms, for which reason I have adhered to definite line-breeding and our newest introductions show how well this works.

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