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Suzuki, Seizo
'Suzuki, Seizo'  photo
Photo courtesy of jedmar
Rose breeder and discoverer   Listing last updated on 22 Jul 2024.
[From A leading role in the rosedom of Japan, by Katsuhiuko Maebara:] Seizo Suzuki (1913- January 20, 2000)...He collected about 2,000 such roses in his research institute of the Keisei Rose Nursery...In 1938, at the age of twenty-four, he started his career as a professional rosarian, opening Todoroki Rose Garden in Tokyo....a large concern, running railways in the Tokyo area made a plan of establishing a big rose nursery, and asked Suzuki to assist in its work. This new nursery, the Keisei Rose Nursery, was opened in 1958, and Suzuki took up the position of the president of its research institute. As the president, he laid out the principles of developing a scientific and efficient breeding programe, asking the advice, and support of first class rose scientists in and out of the country. He himself studied breeding techniques based on genetic engineering,...The research of rose fragrance, including the determination of the rose essential oil components, led to the discovery of dimethoxy-methylbenzene among the perfume components of Rosa gigantea-an achievement which came to play a critical role in his breeding work thereafter.

[From The Ultimate Rose Book, by Stirling Macoboy, p. 459:] A contemporary Japanese hybridist, Japan's foremost, and director of the Keisei Rose Research Institute outside Kyoto. He created such outstanding roses as 'Olympic Torch', 'Mikado' and 'Ferdy'.
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