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Reymond, Louis
'Reymond, Louis'  photo
Photo courtesy of jedmar
Rose breeder   Listing last updated on 23 Jan 2021.
116 Route de Cremieu
Lyon-Villeurbanne, Rhône-alpes 69100
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Reymond (b. ca. 1867)
Nephew of Roussel. Succeeded by P. Vially-Reymond.
Rue Fréderic Fays, Lyon
116 route de Cremieu, Lyon-Villeurbanne

[From Les Amis des Roses, April-December 1940, p. 16:] Reymond est notre doyen, et porte allègrement ses 73 ans ; toujours jeune, toujours gai, ses propos sont empreints d'une douce philosophie....Reymond qui avait obtenu le diplôme de greffeur, en 1895, lors d'un concours, qui avait eu lieu le 27 juillet chez Pierre Guillot, alors chemin des Pins.

[From A Rose Odyssey, by J.H. Nicolas, 1937, p. 13ff:] L. Reymond, of Villeurbanne, is the dean of the profession and surnamed "Papa Reymond." He retired a year ago because his wife's health forces them to spend the winter on the sunny Riviera. He was an associate of Pernet for years and was his lifelong friend. Reymond and Pierre Bernaix were the two quantity growers of Lyons, each averaging about 150,000 plants a year. Reymond had a reputation in France for producing the best plants, not in size....but in harmony of the bush, floriferousness and maximum development of the variety. This was done by meticulous selection of budwood, of which art Reymond made a life study...I...found at Reymond's a line of magnificent everblooming GéNéral Jacqueminot, descendants of the original stock he had inherited from his uncle Roussel, the originator....

[From Les Amis des Roses, April-December 1940, p. 38:] Mai 1912 : notre Collègue Gamon, qui avail cédé son établissement à Claude Richardier, en 1910, quitte aussi ses amis.

[From Modern Roses V, p. 325:] L. Reymond, Lyon-Villeurbanne; Rhône, France.
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