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Nabonnand (1828-1903), Gilbert
'Nabonnand (1828-1903), Gilbert'  photo
Photo courtesy of jedmar
Rose breeder   Listing last updated on 19 Oct 2020.
Golfe Juan, Alpes-Maritimes 06
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NABONNAND, Gilbert (May, 20, 1828 Grezolles - January 6, 1903 Golfe-Juan)

From Les amis des roses Nabonnand,
Gilbert Nabonnand was born in 1828 (not 1829) and died in 1903. After 1964 he assumed the christian name Philibert (Ph.) on his catalogues.

[From Rosenjahrbuch 1883, by Friedrich Schneider, 1883, p. 235:] From all breeders Nabonnand has again been the worst, I fight wherever and whenever I can against the mass producer of seedlings, until german rose lovers spurn his roses or he stops cheating.

[From Rosen-Zeitung 1897, p. 110:] Gilbert Nabonnand was born in Grezolles near Roanne (Loire) on 20. May 1829. He worked in the fields and in agriculture until he was 16, and then entered into an apprenticeship at a tree nursery in Vienne....With 20 he then went to the rose breeder Guillot and then to Boucharlat, where he completed his apprenticeship. In 1854 he established a Business in Sorgues (Vaucluse) and started to grow fruit trees, Evergreen plants and flowers, in 1858 he moved the Business to Avignon and added roses to his cultures....A travel to the coast of the Mediterranean delighted him so much...that he moved there in 1864....Up to now he has obtained 160 sorts from seed; almost all are chance seedlings.

[From Roses: Old Roses and Species Roses, by Eleonore Cruse, p. 13:] The Nabonnands of Golfe-Juan bred copper-tinted roses descended from R. chinensis.

[From The Quest for the Rose, Phillips & Rix,p. 108: Gilbert Nabonnand of Golfe Juan, France, specialized in raising Chinas and Teas, of which he introduced no less than seventy-eight between 1872 and 1903… Of his most famous Tea Roses, 'General Schablikine' (1878) and 'Archiduc Joseph' (1892) are still widely grown, also the Hybrid Tea, 'Lady Waterlow' (1903).

[From The Old Rose Advisor, by Brent C. Dickerson, p. 89:] Gilbert Nabonnand, who died at Golfe-Juan last January 6 [1902]... Born at Grezolles, near Roanne (Loire) May 20, 1829.. worked in the fields as a laborer until he was 16... a two-year apprenticeship at Vienne (Isere) at a nursery where he began his horticultural education... After two more years at a tree-farm in Lyon, he was 20, and entered the establishment of Mons Guillot... established himself at Sorgues (Vaucluse), where he grew fruit-trees, conifers, and shrubs. Then in 1858, he moved to Avignon, where he took up roses exclusively... in 1864... he fixed on Golfe-Juan, in the Alpes-Maritimes, where he created a horticultural establishment of the first rank...

[Ibid, p. 168:] Nabonnand's headquarters was located at Golfe-Juan.

[From The Makers of Heavenly Roses, p. 23: Gilbert Nabonnand was] a prolific raiser of roses, who introduced more than 200 varieties... [he] lived at Golfe Juan in the Alpes Maritimes...

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