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Hardy, Julien-ALEXANDRE
'Hardy, Julien-ALEXANDRE'  photo
Photo courtesy of AmiRoses
Rose author and breeder   Listing last updated on 06 Feb 2023.
Paris, Ile-de-France
[From Catalogue des Rosiers cultivés au Jardin du Luxembourg - 1837, p. 7:] Julien-Alexandre Hardy (23 May 1787 - 15 September 1876), chief gardener of the Luxembourg garden from 1817 to 1859....

Luxembourg Palace Gardens
Paris, France

[From Monographie du Genre Rosier, by Auguste de Pronville, p. 147:] The royal garden of Luxembourg: chief gardener M. Hardy. It comprises the most complete collection I know, be it in species, be it in cultivated varieties.

[From Annales de Flore et de Pomone, Vol. 4, November 1835, p. 52:] Depuis quelque temps, il n'a été signalé que peu de roses nouvelles, du moins à Paris ou aux environs; cependant nous savons qu'il en existe de bien méritantes dans la belle collection du Luxembourg, qui, en Bengales et en Thés surtout, s'est enrichie de gains superbes, et que notre collègue, M. Hardy, s'empressera sans doute de nous faire connaître, ainsi qu'il a déjà commencé ci-dessus

[From The Rose Garden, by William Paul, p. 18:] M. Hardy was no stranger in the Rose World; one of his varieties alone ('Madame Hardy') would have sufficed to render his name popular; but he was fortunate enough to raise many others of first-rate properties, some bearing the after-appellation of "Du Luxembourg"... He never practised selling his Roses, but exchanged with his friends for other plants. He retired from the superintendence of these gardens some thirty-five years ago... [this edition of Paul's book was published in 1910]

[From Roll Call: The Old Rose Breeder, pp. 222-223:]
Julien-Alexandre Hardy
Director of the École des Rosiers [from 1811-?] Luxembourg Palace
Paris, France
Ended up with the innovative Charpentier's seedlings some time between 1811-1824
Lived July 30, 1787 Aberdeen - 1876

Auguste Hardy (1824-1891), son of Julien-Alexandre Hardy

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