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Select Roses B.V.
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Initial post 4 AUG 10 by Arno

I am trying again! :-)

This entry here for "Select Roses" company as the breeder for the florists rose 'Grand Prix' should be merged with your correct entry for the company 'Terra Nigra' and here are the related facts:

Here you write on HMF:

"Terra Nigra has also led the way with the roses 'Tineke' and 'Grand Prix'. They have approximately 45 commercial rose varieties that are grown all over the world. Every year, they introduce new varieties. Their exhibition greenhouse is located in Kudelstaart"

But if one clicks for the breeder on the Page for 'Grand Prix' its not possible to get this information! One has already to know it, to find it also ... .

I would add the above link in the Page for the Rose 'Grand Prix'.

Reply #1 of 8 posted 4 AUG 10 by Cass
Arno, please let me see if I undertand.
Terra Nigra/Select Roses, shown here:
is the same as Select Roses BV, shown here:
The correct name is Terra Nigra. I wonder if Terra Nigra also uses the marketing name "Select Roses"?
Reply #2 of 8 posted 4 AUG 10 by Arno
Hi Cass, yes I think the companies "Terra Nigra B.V." and "Select Roses B.V." are someway the same, perhaps simply a renaming a few years ago, perhaps an overtaking.

Here is a PDF Document with the whole product series of Terra Nigra (including 'Tineke' in white and 'Grand Prix' in dark red) and some additional infos.

"For many years now, the people at Terra Nigra have been
working hard to deliver products that give you the best possible
return. We do this by constantly creating innovative and
high quality varieties that help your business move forward.
Tineke® and the world’s most famous red rose Grand Prix®
are standards in the industry. With varieties from Utopia®,
Purple Power®, Baringo®, White Dove®, to the new Adoration®,
Angel's Love®, Faye® and Malindi®, we offer you a wide
assortment of roses for the specific needs in your market.
Although we’ve conquered the world with these varieties
and do business on all continents, we are a family business
which has always kept its own character. Reliability in
business is a key value for us, as well as quality combined
with integrity, responsibility and respect."

Hope this is enough, hard job, I should ask them for a bonus. :-))

Reply #3 of 8 posted 4 AUG 10 by jedmar
I believe that the company used to be called Select Roses BV at the time they introduced the 'Terra Nigra' rose and others. Later, they changed the name to Terra Nigra due to the success of this one rose. So, introduced by Select Roses, sold by Terra Nigra is not too wrong.
Especially as Select Roses is often encountered in rose literature.
Reply #4 of 8 posted 5 AUG 10 by Arno
OK, if not changing the breeders link: What about taking at least the info of the conection of the two companies names onto the front page for at least the most import roses from Terra Nigra?

That would mean to mention the connection as its already done here (e.g. just per simple copy/paste):

Terra Nigra BV/Select Roses BV

Otherwise the simple link alone to the name Select Roses is just a dead-end road for researchers, who do not already know the connection of the two names.

Or one could add the above link on the dead-end link to the simple info for Select Roses B.V. alone:

"Rose breeder

So - I think there is a bit space for that info on that profiles page, isn't it? ;-)
Reply #5 of 8 posted 5 AUG 10 by Cass
There's no question that the information in HMF needs to be fixed. The problem is that we need the right historical information so that the old name and the new name are linked but their introductions are accurately listed. We don't know if Select-> Terra Nigra BV is a name change or if Terra Nigra acquired Select.

Technical issues. I'll take care of the easy part for now and see what we can find.
Reply #6 of 8 posted 6 AUG 10 by Arno
Hi! :-)

OK I wrote them. Lets see what they can tell us.

Reply #7 of 8 posted 6 AUG 10 by Cass
And I wrote an email to the American marketing arm. With luck....
Reply #8 of 8 posted 13 AUG 10 by Arno
So far nobody answered. For me the theme is dead (as I take their roses for crossings if good).
I can't understand why people can be so ignorant not to answer at all. ...

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