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Patricia Routley
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Initial post today by HubertG
I see that my "Dr. Grill" (ex Honeysuckle Nursery, Australia) is now being listed as commercially available by Rose Petals Nursery in Florida. I was wondering whether Rose Petals Nursery's 'Dr. Grill' matches my one and they have listed it here, or whether it has been a simple mix up with where they have listed their rose. It would be exciting if they were the same and they had obtained their stock from an old American named plant.

Also, I notice that my rose is no longer listed as "Dr. Grill" (ex Honeysuckle Nursery, Australia) on the description page but simply as "Dr. Grill". Perhaps that is what has happened.
Reply #1 of 1 posted today by Patricia Routley
HubertG, ask for......Grill..... Using CONTAINS.
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Initial post 2 days ago by CybeRose
Rose Listing Omission


I could not find this one, maybe because the search requires 3 characters. So, just in case ...

Right Rose, Right Place (2009) by Peter Schneider
p. 167
Si, Miniature
Introduced: Dot, Spain, 1957
The smallest rose in the world, and worth growing for its novelty value. 'Si' has white buds, shaded pale pink in cool weather, no larger than a kernel of wheat. The buds are much more charming than the insubstantial white flowers that follow. The plant reaches about 8" for me and offers repeat bloom very quickly. You'd need to use manicure scissors to deadbeat it, but I have never found this to be necessary as the plant is apparently sterile and puts no effort into setting seeds.
Reply #1 of 3 posted 2 days ago by Patricia Routley
That is a difficult one Karl. I am sure we have discussed it before but perhaps only in my mind.
After scrolling through the alphabetical S lists; and also going into the breeder’s (Pedro Dot) list of roses, I found there is a third way of getting there. I searched with BEGINS WITH and asked for Si (
and got there. I’ve added the reference and moved the photos.

Deadbeat......was that your typo, or the author’s typo?
Reply #2 of 3 posted yesterday by CybeRose
Thanks for your help. I didn't think of Si (. And now I feel stupid for not checking the breeder list.

Deadbeat ... I was a victim of autocorrect and poor proofing.
Reply #3 of 3 posted yesterday by Andrew from Dolton
I've been trying to look up this rose for ages, thank you for showing me how.
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Initial post 2 days ago by Patricia Routley
In response to Hortus who has commented elsewhere:
Since the breeder has not named this rose, I use " Weiße von Saxdorf " only as a working name.

Think of ‘Weiße von Saxdorf’ as a temporary synonym. As it is a bred rose, it does not carry the “double quotes” of a foundling rose. If ever Mr. Bethke does name it, we can then set ‘Weiße von Saxdorf‘ aside in favour of its permanent name.
Reply #1 of 1 posted yesterday by Hortus
Thanks for the supplement. Unfortunately, Mr. Bethke died in 2018.
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Initial post 10 days ago by Andrea Braun
This is not Airbrush. This is a red rose.
Reply #1 of 3 posted 6 days ago by lilia
You are right, I have Airbrush posted to. It was just a mistake when I uploaded them. Thank you :) . Have a nice day.
Reply #2 of 3 posted 6 days ago by Patricia Routley
What is the red rose please Lilia? I can move it to its correct page.
Reply #3 of 3 posted yesterday by Patricia Routley
Lilia, you have not replied and so I have deleted your photo so as not to clutter up the 'Airbrush' file with an incorrect photo.
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