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CR has an online catalog you can search through. Unless you got it through a 2nd hand dealer on Ebay or similar, then it would be harder to find a match.

There is an off-chance the color is just being seasonally odd. But I can't tell you because I've never seen Moonlight Magic in person and the photo isn't ringing any bells for me.
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I had it for 2 years. It does repeat, but it is very lanky,and it mildews. From the same line, Rosarium Uetersen and Sympathie are far healthier, but RU is thorny, and Sympathie is very tall. Although it is hard to beat either for a wall of warm color.
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This is a common problem with many recent Kordes introductions. I recommend 'Heart Song' from them. It doesn't do this and is quite healthy.
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I don't mind it so much, it's just that I would have planted it in a slightly different area-- I am little by little eating into my lawn with Rose bushes so there is a little bit less to mow each year! Anything that can survive my super harsh winters and has some blooms in autumn are welcome. Maybe I will try pegging next year if this happens! Distant drums collapsed due to snow and there are multiple flowering stalks now because of all the verticals that grew off the horizontal "accident"! This is one going to need some wrapping!!

Thanks for the suggestion!
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