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Michael Garhart
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Initial post 4 days ago by Michael Garhart
Out of all the red roses that line the highway into the PDX Airport, this was the only one that looked good. They had Flower Carpet Red, Knock Out, and a few others. Hard to make some out. Oh, they had a few La Sevillana that had no foliage from blackspot lol.

Up close, Scarlet Meidiland is very displeasing. It looks like plastic and has tiny blooms like little grapes. The foliage also looks like plastic and the architecture is arching. Its displeasing to look at. But in a mass landscape, Scarlet Meidiland looks good. The bright red can be seen forever and it has a high degree of weather tolerance.

Red Drift is similar on a smaller scale, but the red is less bright and the petals are more open. It honestly looks like a red dianthus from far away.

I think Golden Eye for basic red and Miracle on the Hudson for dark red are the best so far. I have seen Screaming Neon, but the blooms are too sparse. I have seen Cherry Bonica but the color is flat. My Hero is a cute rose, but its hard to see from afar, which beats the purpose.

Anyway, thoughts from having the misery of dealing with an airport yesterday.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 3 days ago by Jay-Jay
Good info and advice Michael.
Unlike Scarlet Meidiland Oh Wow! looks terrible from further away... the plant as well as the flowers. But looking closer the flowers are very photogenic and every flower differs from the others.
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Initial post 4 days ago by Michael Garhart
We're having a wet summer. Artistry is in its 2nd bloom for the growing year. Spring blooms were their typical 4-5" size. These mid-summer blooms in this wet summer are 6". Like the size of Neptune, Pristine, Elina, or Proud Land.
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Initial post 9 days ago by Michael Garhart
Its roughly the same color as 'America' in person. Plant is roughly the same size as 'Double Knock Out', but a little bushier. Foliage is shiny, mid-green. Form is very random, but usually almost-tea shaped, with some chaos.
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Initial post 10 days ago by Michael Garhart
Very winter tender. Ours never recovered from a winter storm several years ago. The entire crown was decimated. In contrast, Savoy Hotel and other nearby HTs were unphased. Neptune, Secret, and a Blueberry Hill in other gardens were also severely damaged. Only Neptune and Blueberry Hill made a recovery.
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