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Barbara NZ
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Initial post 1 NOV 10 by Barbara NZ
Thanks Laurie for posting this picture as I have been trying to decide which Clark to order next to add to my collection and since I have Alister Clark I can get the parent in this sporting trick. The picture was just great showing this. We cannot import to New Zealand anymore so we are limited to what we have and I can get Marjory. I will then have eighteen of the Clarks. I have the author coming to my garden at the end of the month who wrote the book about the naming of the Alister Clark roses. So that will be fun. My best, Barbara in New Zealand.
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Initial post 28 OCT 09 by Barbara NZ
Normally I like to make glowing comments about the wonderful roses we grow, but I am afraid this rose has disease problems that just cannot be solved unless you want to spray, which I don't. Even then I am not sure it will help. It was a gift rose and I was pleased to get it but now I have to find a place for it where it will not infect other plants. Its black spot and mildew start right away even before the roses first bloom so think twice before buying it.
Reply #1 of 4 posted 30 OCT 09 by Ingrid W.
I've had this rose since January 2004. It mildewed the first two or three years (I rarely if ever spray for anything, with only one fungus spray during a very bad year). I'm hoping that mildew is a thing of the past since it's matured and not a result of other environmental differences. We see little if any BS here. I'm in CZ 9, and the rose is in a southern exposure surrounded by other roses, so it experiences full day sun but less than optimal air circulation. I must say the beautiful strong cerise colored blooms during the spring and fall flushes have a great deal of substance and last forever on the bush or as a cut flower, although it does shut down bloom production during our hot summer months (90's and low 100's), like many of my other roses. I find no fragrance to speak of.

Ingrid, how nice to read your reply and it gives me hope that maybe I will have better luck wth this rose later on. In the meantime I have moved it to a pot and redid all of the soil and found that it was quite dry and we all know that roses that are stressed can get diseased. Most references I have read said that it is prone to some disease but I agree with you that the flowers are lovely and I don't envy your hot weather but my son lives in Phoenix and so I understand your challenges. Thanks for your positive thoughts.
Reply #2 of 4 posted 2 NOV 09 by Palustris
Maybe I am not in a mildew zone, but this rose has been pretty disease free for me. It does lose some leaves after its first flush of flowers but then regrows plenty of fresh maroon leaves so that it rarely looks too bad in my environment.

I really do have an issue with the color of this rose, however, and had to put it in spot by itself as it clashed horribly with reds like 'Frensham'. I love the shape of the flowers and the growth habit of the bush, but really don't care for the color of the flowers.
Reply #3 of 4 posted 2 NOV 09 by Ingrid W.
Yes, the color is an almost garish neon pink, but I have yellow and yellow/pink blend roses around it, so the color "pops" but doesn't clash. It looks really great when cut and put in a black vase. Stunning!
Reply #4 of 4 posted 2 NOV 09 by Ingrid W.
Barbara, I've been trying to reply to your reply, which appeared in the text of my message. I'll try replying to your original post again. Yes, lack of water may have stressed it, so I hope it'll perform better for you with added water! The summer heat really has an effect on my roses (and me!), but our winters are relatively mild (down to a minimum of 28 F degrees for a few nights/year on occasion, but usually a few degrees warmer on the coldest nights), so it's a trade-off! I'm less a fan of cold weather than of hot weather, although, unfortunately, we can't grow Gallicas!
Ingrid, It appears that our replies do end up in the text of your reply as well. I could send an email to verizon but I will just carry on here for now.
I do grow Gallicas and have Duchesse de Montebello and Cosimo Ridolfi, hope these spellings are right as I am winging it at present. I have many old roses and all of the Albas are about out now and so many things like Mme Gregoire Staechlin which has to be my favorite. Where are you in the US as I used to live in Santa Barbara and could hardly grow what I wanted there because it was too warm for lilacs and peonies for instance. But here on the South Island of New Zealand I have the weather to grow them all. I had to laugh at the other replies as the color of the Rosemary Rose is a bit brash but it is a lovely rose and if it needs more water well it is getting it now! My garden is huge though and pots are just a nuisance and things really need to be in the ground. By the way "Palustris" that is a rose that I am trying to get as I have a boggy area that would suit it so well! It is R. Carolina breeding and such a lovely species. I have just been sent seed of Rosa Primula and I am almost afraid to sow it! I am sharing it with a few good propagators to share the risk as we do not have this rose in New Zealand. Thanks to all for their comments.
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Initial post 28 OCT 09 by Barbara NZ
Margaret, thanks so much for putting Sunlit on this site even though it is pinker! I have two in a pot and love the Clark roses and mine is more pink apricot and from own root and will take awhile to get your size plant. Loved your comments about searching for old roses and because you are near Renmark and David Ruston you have such a lovely garden of thousands to enjoy. I am a Heritage Rose Society member and was in Adelaide with Peter Beales years ago at the Conference and have not seen anyone in years. I have a collection of Clarks here in New Zealand and am trying to find as many as I can and for this comment area I encourage everyone to find and grow them. They are brasher in colors but fine plants with lots of Gigantea heritage and worth the trouble. Most are disease free and have a long blooming period. If there is more gigantea then of course not. Thanks Margaret for your wonderful pictures. Barbara
Reply #1 of 1 posted 28 OCT 09 by Margaret Furness
Thank you! Just for that, I've added a pic of Lady Huntingfield, taken this morning; she is completely over the top at present. Cicely Lascelles is trying to outdo Mme Gregoire Staechelin. I have a dozen Clarks, all repeat-flowering except Golden Vision. If you visit Oz again, try to get to the Alister Clark memorial garden at Bulla (very near Melbourne's airport), which has an excellent range, with good labelling. Andy Govanstone's book on the ladies Alister Clark named his roses for, is due out next May; should be interesting and entertaining, judging by a talk he gives about them.
I am new to this reply option and see it goes right below your response and I hope this is right! How amazing aboout Mme Gregoire Staechelin as that is my favorite rose and it is blooming right now but not Lady Huntngfield.I have made a note about the book of Mr. Govanstone's as I did not know about it! Thanks. I have the book about Alister that Garrett did and know about the Bulla garden but have not travelled in years so it may be awhile before I see it. I think your email address is at the bottom of this and I may reply with it too just to keep you directly, as I think we have many likes in common. I have Cicely and she is new and was transplanted and had buds but no flowers yet. A cow ate the other one! So I had to start again!
Thanks for the pic of Lady Huntingfield as that is a lovely color and I so love the Clarks but many here in New Zealand just do not know of their beauty. It is lovely to meet you through this site. My best, Barbara
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Initial post 5 MAY 07 by Barbara NZ
I was astounded at how fast and easily this rose grew. I gave you a photo of it in its larger size against a fence. I have not watered or fed this rose once. Yes, I do live in New Zealand and in an area of high rain fall. I live on rain water actually! But, it is an amazing rose and is now huge! Good for a beginner who wants instant success. Thanks Luther Burbank!
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