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Initial post 5 days ago by Darrell
My apologies. I uploaded two photos today for 'Duc de Cambridge' but placed them incorrectly with Margottin's rose rather than with Laffay's. Please remove them. Again, I am sorry for the error.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 5 days ago by Patricia Routley
No problem Darrell. You can actually move the photo yourself.
Open the photo.
Select REASSIGN at the top left.
Select PLANT
Type in Duc de Cambridge
....and follow the prompts.
Let us know if you have problems, but it is very easy to do.
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Initial post 9 FEB by Darrell
Why under "Rose Search" are the roses listed for 'Duc de Richelieu' attributed to Charles Duval but in the "Rose Descriptions" attributed to Hippolyte Duval? Were they the same person?
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Initial post 29 JAN by Darrell
According to Simon & Cochet (1906) there are or were TWO different 'Princesse de Nassau' roses, the one a moschata bred by Laffay (pale yellow) and one a gallica or alba bred by Miellez (deep pink). If that is so, then you need to include a second listing for the latter. The reference you have from Les Roses Cultivee a L'Hay en 1902 substantiates that. (However, Simon & Cochet clearly got the date wrong for Laffay's rose.)
Reply #1 of 2 posted 29 JAN by Patricia Routley
We might already have the gallica one listed - as Prince de Nassau

I am afraid I just cannot see the listing for 'Princesse de Nassau' from Les Roses Cultivee a L'Hay en 1902 in my paper copy. I have had a good peer with the magnifying glass and it is certainly not on p103 (which are moss roses anyway) Theoretically it should be on p97 under Noisettes.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 30 JAN by Nastarana
I grew a moschata hybrid rose named 'Princesse de Nassau'. It was one of the most satisfactory garden plants I have ever grown. The flowers, foliage and bush were all exceptionally attractive, repeat bloom was rapid throughout the growing season and there was a moderate fragrance. Alas, not hardy colder than about USDA zone 7 I would think. It is about the size and shape of a typical white floribunda and, for me, was a much better plant than most of the later florries.
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Initial post 4 DEC by Darrell
Re: both 'Claude Plantier' and 'Henri Plantier' the authors Madeleine Mathiot, Jean Brun, and Jean-Luc Girerd write in issue 19 (2013) of Roses anciennes en France, in the article "Jacques Plantier, precurseur des rosieristes lyonnais":
"As Jacques had for some time become more and more interested in rose breeding, especially their multiplication, the birth of his son provided the opportunity to name two of his first creations as 'Claude Plantier' and 'Henri Plantier'. Three years later on May 17, 1816, a daughter is born who is soon rewarded with a rose named for her: 'Julie Plantier'."

These three roses also increase the list of 39 that you have posted under Plantier to 42.
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