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Initial post 10 APR by Darrell
The rose ‘Flore Carneo’ is not in the HMF, neither in photo nor in text. I am not referring to the much later 'R. multiflora carnea' discovered in 1804, a very different rose. What I submit here is from a very large engraving which hangs in my living room, one I purchased a few years ago at an international Antiquarian Faire.

‘Rosa flore Carneo’ was created by the French court’s first botanical painter Pierre Vallet. In 1608 he published Le Jardin du Roy Tres Chrestien Henry IV. After the assassination of Henry IV, he published a second volume under King Louis XIII entitled Le Jardin du Roy Tres Chrestien, Loys XIII, Roy de France et de Navare. In this volume of 1623 he painted two roses, ‘R. flore Carneo’, figure 165, and ‘R. alba Multiplex’ , figure 166. What I present here is the upper half of an engraving of the two roses, showing only ‘flore Carneo’. I suggest it be added to HMF.

(However, I do not know how to upload my photo of this rose engraving since there is not category for it.)
Reply #1 of 1 posted 10 APR by Patricia Routley
I wonder if it will be Rosa omnium calendarum flore pleno carneo (syn Quatre Saisons carné).
I have added the new file and look forward to the photo. Add the historical details to the photo, or better still, as a new comment in that file.
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Initial post 18 MAR by Darrell
My apologies. I uploaded two photos today for 'Duc de Cambridge' but placed them incorrectly with Margottin's rose rather than with Laffay's. Please remove them. Again, I am sorry for the error.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 18 MAR by Patricia Routley
No problem Darrell. You can actually move the photo yourself.
Open the photo.
Select REASSIGN at the top left.
Select PLANT
Type in Duc de Cambridge
....and follow the prompts.
Let us know if you have problems, but it is very easy to do.
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Initial post 9 FEB by Darrell
Why under "Rose Search" are the roses listed for 'Duc de Richelieu' attributed to Charles Duval but in the "Rose Descriptions" attributed to Hippolyte Duval? Were they the same person?
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Initial post 4 DEC 17 by Darrell
Re: both 'Claude Plantier' and 'Henri Plantier' the authors Madeleine Mathiot, Jean Brun, and Jean-Luc Girerd write in issue 19 (2013) of Roses anciennes en France, in the article "Jacques Plantier, precurseur des rosieristes lyonnais":
"As Jacques had for some time become more and more interested in rose breeding, especially their multiplication, the birth of his son provided the opportunity to name two of his first creations as 'Claude Plantier' and 'Henri Plantier'. Three years later on May 17, 1816, a daughter is born who is soon rewarded with a rose named for her: 'Julie Plantier'."

These three roses also increase the list of 39 that you have posted under Plantier to 42.
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