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Jim Delahanty
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Initial post 10 JAN 09 by bob diller
I just measured the height of the bush now that it is winter and the fall growth is done and hardened off. The bush is 6 feet tall and the profile of the whole bush is a rather upright V shape. This is a bit unexpected, as most of my other gallica roses are of relaxed floppy growth, which I don't mind at all, as in my opinion, the ones that flop are self pegging! I think Gallica Candy may turn out to be a monster of a gallica, as so far, it shows the most vigor and put out a forest of new canes in just its second year in the ground. Very thorny though!
Reply #1 of 1 posted 6 FEB 11 by James Delahanty
Are you still as enamored with 'Gallicandy' as you were two years ago? Do you get any rebloom? How is the thicketing? Thank you for considering this matter.
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Initial post 11 OCT 10 by Jocelen
Hello James.
For me Mignonette is 'semi-double to double' and much fuller than shown on this picture. What do you think?
Reply #1 of 1 posted 11 OCT 10 by James Delahanty
See my other reply. I will ask Paul Zimmerman for the provenance of this rose, since that is where I obtained it. As for fuller, the rose has always been more china like in its foliage than otherwise.

Later: I checked with Paul and he states that he acquired his mother plant from Mike Lowe, noting that that the influence of climate was such that Mike Lowe did not even recognize some of the plants he sent when he viewed them in South Carolina.
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Initial post 17 APR 10 by Jim Delahanty
Available from - Angel Gardens
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Initial post 17 OCT 09 by jedmar
These scans are a great addition!
Reply #1 of 1 posted 17 OCT 09 by James Delahanty
Thank you. I ran across a treasure trove of old catalogs and was able to take advantage of the scanning skills of my nephew.
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