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Jukka K
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Initial post 29 NOV by Jukka K
I find the rampant, lanky growth habit, the all thorny canes, and the flower colour and medicinal (myrrh) scent of this rose strikingly similar to Austin’s famous Constance Spry. I wonder if it has occurred to others that Constance Spry’s true parent might be Belle Amour rather than Belle Isis...? Apart from the myrhh scent, CS has no resemblance to the Belle Isis growing in my garden. BI is a rather dainty, small bush and susceptible to black spot.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 30 NOV by Palustris
Quite by chance I purchase 'Belle Amour' and 'Constance Spry' at the same time a couple of decades ago. Planting them side by side in the nursery, I came to the same conclusion as you: 'Belle Amour' must be the true parent of 'Constance Spry.' Naturally, it was never a popular speculation with fellow rose growers, so I have kept quiet about my observation until now. I am happy someone has come to the same conclusion.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 30 NOV by Jukka K
Interesting. The two are so similar that I even find it quite likely that CS is self-pollinated BA.
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Initial post 11 AUG by Jukka K
I find it rather odd that this fairly old and apparently common rose has zero descendants listed. Is it sterile? Has anyone had hips on it?
Reply #1 of 1 posted 15 AUG by Jay-Jay
In my garden, the hips get Botrytis cinerea and fall off.
Maybe that's the reason why?
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Initial post 24 JUL by Jukka K
Is Laguna completely infertile, or why doesn’t it have any listed descendants? No hips in any of the pics, either. Quite puzzling.
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Initial post 21 JUN by Jukka K
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