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Initial post 28 JUN 09 by John Moody
I think that Brigadoon is going to work it's way into my heart and into my top 10 favorites with ease. I just planted it bareroot this past Spring 2009 and I am super impressed with this rose. It has been very vigorous growing and is beginning to start blooming. It's first several flowers have been downright gorgeous to look at!! The form is lovely and the subtle colors are breathtaking. They last a long time on the bush maintaining the beautiful color combinations for most all of their life. They make excellent cut rose for the vase in the home. So far, mine has been very disease resistant to BS even when other roses in the garden have a little bit on them. I do spray but this one stayed clean even before it got sprayed, so I am sure it will continue to stay clean when I start my spraying routine.
I wish I had ordered this one years ago so I could have enjoyed it for a longer time. I am pretty sure that I am going to be ordering more Brigadoon bushes whenever I put in orders for roses at vendors who offer it for sale. This is a terrific rose and I think more people should grow this one.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 28 JUN 09 by HMF Admin
Thanks for sharing John - just what HMF needs more of !
Reply #2 of 2 posted 1 APR 17 by ElGrillo
Saw your name with this rose. It has been the family favorite since we bought two in 2004. Added two in 2005. They take 115-120 degree heat in our dry climate. Check the photos I have uploaded.
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Initial post 11 FEB 17 by ElGrillo
Absolutely stunning rose.
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Initial post 3 MAY 16 by ElGrillo
The clematis in my photo you indicated was misidentified. I bought the plant with Niobe as the label. With your indication that it was not Niobe, I have searched through and believe it is Warsaw Nike. would you look at it again to determine if I am correct. I have renamed it as Warsaw Nike. Thank you.
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Initial post 26 APR 09 by Robin
I don't think this is Niobe, which has a duskier wine red hue, and more rounded petal.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 3 MAY 13 by ElGrillo
I have seen pictures of Niobe that look very similar to this and other photos that are indeed redder and with rounder petals. Could this be Warsaw Nike?
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