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'Fire 'n' Ice ™' rose photo
Photo courtesy of Nijojo
Nevada, United States
I lived in San Jose with my grandmother as a child and she kept about 37 rose bushes on one small piece of property (less than 1/4 acre). We had a corner lot, so there was room for everyone (including the apple trees, lemon trees, orange tree, cherry tree, etc...) I have always loved roses. I think there are no flowers that are more lovely. I have worked with her to take care of her many roses and now that I live in Reno in my own home, I am attempting to recreate my "dream garden" of roses. I have a collection of Buck Hardy roses as well as the beautiful sturdy Morden Blush decorating my yard. Let's not forget my all time favorite Sheer Bliss- finally back with me once again! (Cut my first bloom from it only 2 days ago!)

I'm looking to expand my collection in color, trying to keep the wonderful fragrance and beauty while maintaining disease resistance and cold hardiness. Let's not forget- they need to survive DRY DRY summers here. Our average humidity is 10-15%. Not a rose's best friend, but my high water bill will hopefully compensate!

On top of being a "born again" enthusiast- I am also an amateur photographer, equipped with digital and film cameras suited for the job. Anyone who lives in the area that would like some photos of their prize roses- drop me a line! I would love the opportunity!

Update: 4/09 Unfortunately I cannot say that my hopes to create a "dream garden" are off to a great start. Most of the roses I had ordered last year did not survive the winter, if they made it even that long. The three varieties that have wintered well include: Morden Blush (no surprise), Prairie Star, and Golden Unicorn. I have 5 replacements from the 11 I lost last year and am hoping to turn my fortunes. Amongst the casualties- my beloved Sheer Bliss. I will try one more time to see if I can get this lovely lady to take up residence here. Wish me luck!
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