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sam w
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Initial post 13 MAY by sam w
I have one of these from Rogue Valley Roses and another from High Country Roses. The Rogue PdS resembles most of the photos here--a medium pink with violet touches and even crimson shadings at times. The High Country PdV is consistently light pink.
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Initial post 1 JAN 20 by sam w
Someone voted that its bloom frequency was excellent and if it were identical to Black Boy one would expect as much. However in the 20+ years I've grown this rose (Vintage Gardens) it has had only one flush of bloom in the Spring, usually near the start of the rose season.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 15 APR by Plazbo
I would agree(ish). There may be a minor flush in a long season climate, I'm getting a small flush now autumn in Australia (10 month growing season) but I tend to get that kind of behaviour with a lot of once bloomers (eg r. glauca, r. spinosissima, r. hugonis, sweet briar hybrids, etc) but it's nothing impressive (ie excellent worthy)
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Initial post 15 JUL 21 by sam w
This old picture still has the truest representation of the color out of all the MB photos currently here.
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Initial post 24 MAY 21 by sam w
It is, as described, remarkably vigorous and it appears to also be quite hardy. I live in zone 7 where our winters rarely get below the mid-twenties. However, this year we dropped below zero. My teas were almost cut to the ground and most of my other repeat blooming roses showed some damage. But not this one. It was unphased by the temperatures or the ice. It's blooming profusely now, which is another of its distinctions worth noting. It is packed with blooms. No diseases either, though I can't speak to rust since we never have it in this climate.
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