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steve fritz
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Initial post 30 NOV 16 by steve fritz
Seedlings of Silver Jubilee tend to be dense and bushy. But not particularly disease resistant.
Reply #1 of 13 posted 21 OCT by jmile
Silver Jubilee does well here in zone 9B in a no spray garden. It shows no tendency toward disease.
Reply #2 of 13 posted 21 OCT by steve fritz
Which varieties of roses do you grow there that appear free of disease? And how long have they been in place?
Roses often do not show diseases until they have been in the same spot in the garden for 2 or 3 years. I think the pathogens need to get established in the soil around them.
Reply #3 of 13 posted 21 OCT by jmile
I have over 3000 rose plants of all kinds. Most of the roses are HT (many of which are Florist Roses) and FL. The weather here is 90 to over 100 degrees for most of the summer. The only time I have any sign of fungus in my garden is in the spring. When it gets hot, the leaves affected fall off and new growth appears fungus free. All of the roses in the main garden have been there more than 10 year. When I first planted my garden, I used fungicides. Then one year I didn't spray and the roses did better than ever. I now have a spray free garden except for the Fusilade II that I spray to prevent grasses and a pre-emergent that we spray once in the winter.
Reply #4 of 13 posted 21 OCT by steve fritz
It appears you live in southern California. Here in North Carolina the air much more humid and rain a problem. We had 2 hurricanes blow through there this year and had a stretch of heavy rain seven days in a row.

Fungus was a problem for us.

3000 roses it a lot. How did you acquire so many??

I looked at some of your photos. Gypsy Curiosa for example.

Do you have this rose growing in your garden?

Do you have a computerized list of the roses in your possession?

If so, I'd be interested in checking it out.

But if it not already compiled I can't imagine trying to run down the names of so many roses.
Reply #5 of 13 posted 22 OCT by Patricia Routley
Steve, would you please delete your email address from your comment. Thanks.
jmile has a list of 1,651 roses listed on HelpMeFind. See their MEMBER GARDEN..... PLANTS GROWN.
Reply #6 of 13 posted 22 OCT by steve fritz
How do I do that??

Feel free to do it if it can be done by you.
Reply #7 of 13 posted 22 OCT by Patricia Routley
In your post on the right, you will see EDIT POST.
Highlight the offending words (your email address) and press Delete.
Apparently displaying your email address publicly attracts spam to the site - and nobody wants that.
Your email address is securely listed in your member listing where like-minded rosarians can make contact with each other.
Reply #8 of 13 posted 22 OCT by jmile
I acquired so many because I have been growing roses for a long time----and I had a lot of great resources for these roses. Unfortunately many of these resources no longer exist. I got a lot of florist roses from Carlton's ---and a lot of great and hard to find roses from Cliff Orent's Eurodesert Roses and Vintage Roses. Yes I do have Gypsy Curiosa and Blue Curiosa---Which is quite lovely too. HMF has a list of my roses.
A good source for hard to find roses now is the CCRS auction. I bid online ---and they ship them to me.
I live in the San Francisco Bay area---inland about 40 miles. It is a very hot and mild climate with low humidity most of the time.
Reply #9 of 13 posted 22 OCT by steve fritz
This is the first time I have ever heard of the CCRS auction.

I live in North Carolina.

What is the standard bid for these roses??

What is a normal price range??

I reviewed the list and there are a few I'd like to have
Reply #10 of 13 posted 23 OCT by jmile
From past experience they range anywhere. I know that is no help, but I just bid what I think that it is worth to me and wait to see what it is worth to someone else. The online rep only goes up to your bid. If you bid $30 and the other top bid is $20, You only pay a $1 more at $21. If I am wrong, please someone correct me.
Reply #11 of 13 posted 23 OCT by steve fritz
OK thanks.

I put in a bid for a rose and I suppose I'll hear if I won by the end of the month.

Are you bidding on any?
Reply #12 of 13 posted 23 OCT by jmile
Reply #13 of 13 posted 23 OCT by steve fritz
Good luck...

{Unless we are bidding on the same rose}
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Initial post 19 NOV 16 by steve fritz
Nice flower, some scent. Offspring tend to be fragrant. However there is too much bush for the size and quantity of the flowers. Plant grows 6 feet tall and 5 feet wide. Decent bloom in spring and then intermittent blooms later in the year. Requires spraying. Fertile as both a seed and pollen parent.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 3 JUL by jmile
I have a no spray garden---this rose is fungus free. My rose is continuously in bloom as long as I dead head it.
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Initial post 5 FEB by steve fritz
The plant grew slowly for me. The flowers were small, well formed, and had little scent. It was not particularly disease resistant; the plant seemed to sprawl. I've since parted with it.
DiscovererFabjan, Irena
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Initial post 18 NOV 17 by steve fritz
Your roses look wonderful.

I particularly like the photos of "Treasures."

I wish I could get it here in the States.

Keep up the good work.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 19 NOV 17 by Poesie
Dear Steve,
Thank you for your positive comments about my roses and my work.

But who gives it to me! I looked at your roses and left without words. I admire you the masses of flowers, mostly large, which give a great beautiful visual effect to the garden. And as I see you also have those who are "always in bloom". The mass of flowers and long flowering is one of my next goals, which I still have to conquer. Some of them do, but not enough.
Your pictures say everything, you are excellent breeder.
The Treasures Rose, along with the Predicate of Wine, Proteus Anguinus Rose, The Healing Codes, the Dekani and Good Day are in the test field in the Netherland, on a 2-year trial.

Treasure is still a small rose with tinny branches, I think it will take some time to finally develop, as it is still young.
I also wish you many successes.

Kind regards, Irena Fabjan, Slovenia
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