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27 JAN 13
My Easy going was planted in a border 1/2 shade and near to a Lime tree in 2009. Other roses at this location have done poorly and have been transplanted but since EG seemed to be ok i left it there to see what it does. The plant is small, but with healthy, but blooms late (july) and not profusely. The color seems to be different than the foto's on this site - mine is almost apricot-orange and doesn't have tinges of other colors as most other roses do. Kind of boring in that way. I wonder if it is the same "Easy Going" as what everyone else has.
27 JAN 13
Planted in 2008 when it was sold as a "ground cover"! Is now at least 150 cm high.
I had trouble in 2011 with black spot, pruned many canes back, and sprayed with a manure dilution. That seems to have worked because 2012 was a very good year - blooming profusely all summer up until the frosts in november. Small sprigs of fall Bingo blooms and buds with tiny rose-hips of a climbing wild rose (???) forms one of my favorite bouquets.
27 JAN 13
Planted in the spring of 2008, it has done well from the beginning. Grows tall and upright.
summer 2012 - Blooming almost continuously up into november.
Strong - with a rich color even when fading. Scent remains when dried.
27 JAN 13
2012 - No more caterpillars eating everything - bloomed almost continuously up into november. marvelous colors incredibly fotogenic- scent remains even when dried making it wonderful for potpourris and rose thee. Healthy. an absolute favorite.
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