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Beatrice Audetat
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Initial post 6 SEP 06 by Beatrice Audetat

Hello Henrique!

Please let me ask a question about your latest pictures of "Terracotta". 

I found that there a two different "Terracottas" listed at HMF. MEIcobius and SIMchoca. The plant I am growing in my garden is definitely MEIcobius. I have had a gorgeous, big single bloom of it this spring and uploaded its picture at the MEIcobius tab. While having a look at the SIMchoka tab I found that your pictures are color-wise looking very much the same as mine. (see: ) So: Are you really sure your picture shows SIMchoca? Could it be that it is MEIcobius and was uploaded at the wrong tab? I would like to rate it "excellent".

Sorry for this question, but I love this rose very much, and I feel uncomfortable, when I think that its beauty is given to a wrong name...or so.

Thanks again,

best regards,


Reply #1 of 4 posted 7 SEP 06 by Henrique R. Vivián

Dear Beatrice,

My computer is not responding, give me 2 or 3 days to put the comment I tried to register here.

Wish me luck and best regards,


Reply #2 of 4 posted 12 SEP 06 by Henrique R. Vivián

Hello Beatrice,

My computer is now OK.

First of all, be sure you have been a reference to my photos!!!

About TERRACOTA  SIMchoca I have had a first plant end of 2001 when Meilland introduced it. You can see my photos of 2003 ,2004 and 2005 the year it died. The colour of first and second photos is near brick, the real colour at those moments.May be is the reason someone don't like the "accuracy colour ". The third and last one has already some shades of chocolate.I don't remember if this plant had produced any flower near chocolate colour, may be because the soil was not the best . The second SIMchoca was planted end 2005 ,at this moment is taller than 1,2 m and has produced a lot of beautiful flowers. The colour is changing from chocolate to brick more or less the same behavior of HOT COCOA, but I prefer SIMchoca.

Both plants came from Meilland nurseries and catalogues /invoices show the code SIMchoca. More, don't see the variety MEIcobius in Meilland catalogues since 1996 what means they sold the property to others.

From I'm going to transcribe the following:

    "Chocolate Prince-Simchoca: another uniquely different creation from N.Z's Nola Simpson, the very full, slightly rounded buds and flowers are an unusual rusty reddish brown - the colour of a novelty chocolate bar. Grouth habit is open and moderately vigorous. 1.1 m."

And from C&KJONES catalogue 1999-2000:

"Terracotta (Meicobuis). Again a really distinctive colour from Meilland, this one being a russett brown shade, flower arrangers will love it.Although a glasshouse variety it grows equally  well outdoors, but beware it is susceptible to disease problems.Limited supply so please order early." Unfortunately I did not get it, may be because was sold out.

As you see both varieties have similar colours the difference being mainly the bush and flower shape and quantity, I think. 

I'm going to upload two photos taken today to show the colour evolution of this rose. We can come again to this matter if you wish. Thanks for all and

Best regards,


Reply #3 of 4 posted 13 SEP 06 by Beatrice Audetat

Hello Henrique!

Thank you very much for your elaborate reply and interesting quotations.

Obviously I had mad a mistake from the beginning, while listing at the wrong rose´s tab!

I bought my Terracotta from a German retailer in 2002/2003. Now I did a short research work in the associated catalog and immediately found out, my Terracotta is in fact a "SIMchoka", and not, as presumed a MEIcobius" . I guess I had chosen the wrong name because of its impressing trademark sign, and the lots of listings in other gardens. So this was wrong. I have deleted my pictures at MEICobius now and uploaded them at the correct SIMchoca tab.

Comparing our pictures one can really say they represent the same variety. Especially the absolute identical color and alike bloom form in the pictures which show its "brown" appearance. SIMchocas color seems to depend very much on the weather, especially the temperature, and I too had some more orange looking blooms when the weather was very hot. Is it a prejudice, - but I think not - that generally it is a little warmer in Spain than in Austria? This would explain the light colors in most of your pictures.

it is not easy to take pictures of red roses. The easiest way to give the red a real appearance it to reduce exposure time drastically. The green is much darker then, but the reds are finally giving the correct appearance. This is why I had given a "poor" rating  to the first pic - the whole picture, greens included seems to be too light. But I am sorry for that and beg your pardon.

Whereas the September06 pics are giving a good impression about the color range of this rose.

I guess this is the great thing about HMF: At no place else you can find as many pictures of different aspects of one and the same rose, but here. This is only possible by - internationally- sharing pics and communicating together.

Still to me there is some secret about this rose.  About SIMchocas parentage....and where has MEIcobius gone.... etc...

Best Regards



Reply #4 of 4 posted 4 OCT 06 by Henrique R. Vivián

Hello  Beatrice,

I hope to have some good news in some weeks concerning MEIcobuis. Meanwhile, I suggest you to contact  and put the question: " where to get MEIcobuis". I did so some days ago and the answer came from a Meilland representative  for Spain and Portugal. They can supply a minimum of 10 little plants March/April next year.I'm waiting more details.Good luck and

Kind regards,


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Initial post 6 SEP 06 by Beatrice Audetat

Does anyone have both roses

"MEIcobius" ( )


"SIMchoca" ( )?

If so, then what is their difference concerning the bloomform-  and color?

Both are named "Terracotta" which is a little confusing. When I look at the tabs I really can not make out the difference. Or are some photos mixed up?

Thank you very much


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Initial post 6 SEP 06 by Beatrice Audetat

Hello EmyLG!

Unfortunately here are 26 pics of "Greensleeves" , which do not display Greensleeves but all kind of other roses. Would it be possible for you to delete the pictures and upload them again at the correct tabs? Thank you very much!


PS: Beautiful pictures!

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Initial post 5 JAN 06 by Unregistered Guest
I am looking for the Rosa Canina or Dog Rose , is there anyone in N.S.W Australia that might have it , would like to find.
Reply #1 of 4 posted 5 JAN 06 by HMF Admin
I suggest you add this plant to your wish list and we'll contact you if and when we find a source. Of course, we hope the reverse is true too - please let us know if you find a suitable supplier.
Reply #2 of 4 posted 26 JAN 06 by Beatrice Audetat
There is a possibility to send you some seeds of the Canina (dog rose) from Europe. They germinate without any problem.
Please give me information if you are interested. :-)
Reply #3 of 4 posted 30 JAN 06 by Unregistered Guest
Hi Beatrice,
Yes I would be interested I still have had no luck here (Australia).
My address details are,
Lynda Morris
" Woodbury" 151L Mogriguy forest rd
Mogriguy N.S.W Australia 2830.
Thank you for your assistance it is much apprieciated,
Reply #4 of 4 posted 2 FEB 06 by Beatrice Audetat
Hi Lynda,
the seeds are on teir way.
They are from the very plant which is to be seen at my photos at the Canina tab. You can send me a mail to the adress written on the cover, if there are any more questions - or just to give a short message that they arrived. - However, Good luck!
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