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Initial post 9 FEB by Elizabethspetals
What a beauty! Those petals are exquisitely arranged. You’ve taken a superb photo of this perfect bloom! Well done!
Thanks very much!
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Initial post 20 DEC by Cliff
Available from - agave
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Initial post 18 JUN by mamabotanica
from my view it looks like it does fine with heat. Do the petals scorch? I can't tell from the picture.
Sorry, but I don't have a clue. I had 5,000 roses in the garden back then as well as 10,000 nursery plants and it's extremely difficult to remember details from those days.
Reply #2 of 3 posted 19 JUN by StrawChicago Alkaline clay 5a
I have Wise Portia as own-root, the petals are soft and it's best in partial shade. Young Lycidas is similar, but can tolerate full-sun better. Vase life of Wise Portia is only 3 days, versus 4 days for Young Lycidas. Roses that last long in the vase, can take full-sun & heat better. Veteran's Honor can take hot-full-sun, and blooms last a week in the vase. Chartreuse de Parme (RU summer sale) takes heat well and lasts long in the vase, it's a better choice for warm zone than Stephen's Big (a water-hog). The only reason why I grow Stephen's big is that my zone is too cold for Chartreuse de Parme ... both last long in the vase.
Reply #3 of 3 posted 19 JUN by mamabotanica
Thanks for the tip! Will check out the varieties you mentioned!
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Initial post 25 MAY by John P
Hi There,

My name is John, I'm searching for a Cleopatra Rose. It's reddish pink in color with white accents. I've called around 50 growers and had to luck finding one.

We lost our cat, Fuzz Face, whom we often called Fuzzopatra. We're hoping to bury her ashes with a Cleopatra rose as a tribute.

Do any of you have a Cleopatra rose in your garden? If not, do you know anyone who might?

I thank you for any of your time and efforts with this. Have a great day!

While I'm afraid I can't help you with regard to a Cleopatra rose, and I doubt you'll find one currently for sale in this country, if it's the name Cleopatra you're after, you might consider planting Canna Cleopatra, which is available from a number of sources and which is both easy to grow and very beautiful. Its blooms are a striking blend of red and yellow and it's a medium grower in terms of height. You can find links here:

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