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Initial post 25 MAY 17 by John P
Hi There,

My name is John, I'm searching for a Cleopatra Rose. It's reddish pink in color with white accents. I've called around 50 growers and had to luck finding one.

We lost our cat, Fuzz Face, whom we often called Fuzzopatra. We're hoping to bury her ashes with a Cleopatra rose as a tribute.

Do any of you have a Cleopatra rose in your garden? If not, do you know anyone who might?

I thank you for any of your time and efforts with this. Have a great day!

While I'm afraid I can't help you with regard to a Cleopatra rose, and I doubt you'll find one currently for sale in this country, if it's the name Cleopatra you're after, you might consider planting Canna Cleopatra, which is available from a number of sources and which is both easy to grow and very beautiful. Its blooms are a striking blend of red and yellow and it's a medium grower in terms of height. You can find links here:

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Initial post 17 JUN 15 by Michael Garhart
I regret not keeping this rose! Now, you cannot find it for sale. I got rid of it when I used to be an exhibitor, even though it is gorgeous.... sigh.
It's available from Palatine in Canada as of March 2016.
Reply #2 of 8 posted 7 MAR 16 by Michael Garhart
I saw that. Not enough to order to form an order, for me. Their prime roses sell out early. Like super early. They are THAT popular. So ordering 2 or less from Canada seems silly.

Don't know if you've ordered from Palatine before, but their plants are really terrific.
Reply #4 of 8 posted 7 MAR 16 by Michael Garhart
I'm told they are like the old Edmunds.
Among the best I've ever received.
Reply #6 of 8 posted 25 MAY 16 by Rosaholic's Southern California Garden
Well, I bit and ordered from Palatine this year, and this Queen Charlotte was one I ordered. GREAT!!! plants they send. Much more robust than any other source for bareroots, past or present, including the old Edmunds, when it was run by the family.
Delighted that you agree that Palatine's plants are top notch!
Reply #8 of 8 posted 14 DEC 16 by Michael Garhart
I got my orders in as of this week. Palatine was average-size, but with very long, uncut roots. Hortico was Hortico, as per usual. Sadly, Pickering is no longer in business. Pickering was typically average-sized.

The old Edmunds was vastly larger in size. And that stands to reason, as it was in the 4th most fertile land on Earth, and in a temperate climate.

They all are mostly multiflora rootstock, which is superior in my climate. All of the Canadians do a short graft, which I prefer. I hate long grafts. Although I prefer own-root over all.

So far, from my experience, Palatin are not monster roses like the old Edmunds used to sell. They are quality, however. I do no like monstrous grafted roses, however, because they tend to take many years to look natural in the ground, as it takes time for their root systems to match the bulk up top.
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Initial post 20 NOV 16 by jedmar
'André Leroy d'Angers' should be crimson-violet. This seems to be 'André Leroy'.
I believe you are correct. Thanks!
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Initial post 18 MAR 16 by Jeffrey
The roses named 'Dixieland Linda' look much more purely pink compared to "Lady Ashe". Are they really the same rose?

If you look at all of my photos of Dixieland Linda on HelpMeFind, you'll see one that is far more apricot in color than the others. There are many pink roses that can produce blooms closer to apricot color than pink and vice versa, depending upon many factors. Some of the David Austin roses from the UK are particularly prone to blooming pink or apricot. For example, if you look at the photos of 'Abraham Darby' on HelpMeFind, you'll find striking examples of blooms of very different colors.

As far as I know, this sport of 'Aloha' was sold by certain rose nurseries under the name 'Lady Ashe' and by others under the name 'Dixieland Linda.'

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