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Initial post 20 NOV 16 by jedmar
'André Leroy d'Angers' should be crimson-violet. This seems to be 'André Leroy'.
I believe you are correct. Thanks!
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Initial post 18 MAR 16 by Jeffrey
The roses named 'Dixieland Linda' look much more purely pink compared to "Lady Ashe". Are they really the same rose?

If you look at all of my photos of Dixieland Linda on HelpMeFind, you'll see one that is far more apricot in color than the others. There are many pink roses that can produce blooms closer to apricot color than pink and vice versa, depending upon many factors. Some of the David Austin roses from the UK are particularly prone to blooming pink or apricot. For example, if you look at the photos of 'Abraham Darby' on HelpMeFind, you'll find striking examples of blooms of very different colors.

As far as I know, this sport of 'Aloha' was sold by certain rose nurseries under the name 'Lady Ashe' and by others under the name 'Dixieland Linda.'

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Initial post 19 MAR 16 by CarolynB
Hi Cliff,

I'm considering adding the rose Welsh Gold to my garden. I see that you grow it, and that your climate is similar to mine. Will you tell me about your experience with it, with regard to disease resistance, bloom quantity and frequency, level of thorniness, and fragrance? (The HMF description page says it has a strong fragrance, but doesn't say what kind of fragrance.)

Thank you for any information you can give me.

I've just returned from a few weeks in Boston visiting my mother, whose health has been in a steady decline for quite some time and found your message,Carolyn.

At first I didn't recognize the name of the rose, as I bought and grew it as Welwyn Garden Glory, which is its ARS Approved Exhibition name and I hadn't heard the name Welsh Gold. In any event, I did import this rose and grew it in my garden in the high desert when I owned EuroDesert Roses. I do not have it in my current garden in the low desert, so I am unable to give you any information on how it might do for you in this climate.

It was an attractive rose in the high desert, but in all honesty wasn't a standout. I would imagine that its blooms would be smaller in this warmer environment. I have absolutely no specific recollections about it. I had roughly 5,000 roses in the ground in my display garden in the high desert, in addition to the 10,000 roses I usually had in inventory at the nursery, so I had precious little free time. This meant that a rose really had to have something exceptional that caught my attention, and this rose didn't rise to that level.

I'm sorry that I can't offer you more encouragement, I don't know how many roses you now grow, but I saw that you had 22 roses in 2008. Even if you now have several times that number in your garden, I would think that there are many, many roses which will do far better for you than Welwyn Garden Glory (Welsh Gold).

Best of luck to you,


I hope the response I just wrote was sent successfully. Please let me know if you didn't receive it.

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Initial post 20 MAY 08 by sonia
this is the most fabulously scented old fashioned hybrid tea rose. it is pink in colour which fades to apricot and then lemon. i am desperately trying to source another specimen as i have one and if anything should happen to it i would be very sad as it was planted in memory of a most beloved afghan hound. can anyone out there help ? it is called natural beauty and was bred by len scrivens.
Reply #2 of 3 posted 28 JUL 15 by Salix
Good luck! If you have it now, please share pictures! This is in the background of some stunning roses, so it would complete the genetic "family album".

Are you sure it is by Len? Maybe you put this on the wrong page...
Reply #3 of 3 posted 29 JUL 15 by Patricia Routley
The code name of ROGscriv contains elements of both Rogin and Scrivens. For the moment we are listing both breeders. If anybody knows anything further.....
Sonia, play it safe and put any prunings in the ground around the plant as cuttings. If they do strike, all is not lost.
Reply #4 of 3 posted 28 OCT 15 by Poesie
This rose is not from Josip Rogin! I asked him. Perhaps it is one of Scrivens. Please change this.

Irena Fabjan
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