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Ohio, United States
Hi, my name is Cathy and I'm 48. I live in NE Ohio with my hubby and my stepson Chris. Between the two of us, we have 7 children (4 of mine and 3 of his from a previous marriage), 3 birds, and all my plants! lol
I have a sun conure named Sunny, a cockatiel named Sam, and a parakeet or "budgie" named Thunder, although I call him T man for short.
My hubby is a disabled veteran, and my stepson Chris is in high school. My hubbies other two kids Beth (Minnesota) and Greg (here in Ohio) are out on their own already. My kids are all grown up with lives and families of their own for the most part. My daughter Joy, Kate, and Jennifer live in New Jersey, and my son Mike live there as well. I have 3 grandkids already lol!

I have always been interested in gardening in general for many years, but never actually was able to start collecting plants until a few years ago. I started out with just a few perennials, then it went to 6 roses and perennials, now I have over 150 different plants. It's still a somewhat small garden, but I do have a small yard to work with (wish I had acres to plant lol!).

Now, I have 11 different clematis, only 5 varieties of roses, and all my perennials.
Nothing gives me more satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment and peace of mind than going out into my garden and spending time with my plants, watching them grow, how they change over the years, and look more wonderful as the years go by. Or at least I can hope so lol!

I work in a bakery here in Ohio, have worked there for almost 6 years, and I love my job. Before the bakery, I went back to college and got my Bachelor's degree in geology. So, you could say, I love digging and playing in the dirt anyways lol.
I love to collect Christmas village houses, plants of course, and also like Thomas Kinkade pics.
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