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Mike Anders
Mike Anders
Louisiana, United States
I started growing roses in the Pacific Northwest as a kid, Puget Sound area. Got hooked then. Took a break for a few years around college. When I resumed, I was living in Alabama; Louisiana for the past 10 years. So I re-learned rose culture, the conditions being so different from where I grew up. I've grown roses exclusively in pots for the past decade, due to tight New Orleans lots and invasive tree roots. Have to water a lot and generally avoid monstrously large varieties, but otherwise roses don't seem to mind pot life at all. My preference is for own-root roses, that seem better suited to pots than, Dr. Huey rootstock, for example. My rose loves are hybrid teas and minis and minifloras. I've become increasingly interested in old roses mostly for the history aspect, but I grow only a very few (Chinas, actually).

My favorate rose? changes, but perrenially Chicago Peace.

Married 18 years; have a 6 year old son; have been a masters level licensed clinical social worker--15 years experience.
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