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petals and buds
'Gay Vista' rose photo
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petals and buds
Has a passion for old roses, fragrant and colourful annuals and perennials, native plants and beautiful trees and shrubs. Also heritage fruit and vegetable varieties to take control of our own food needs in a natural and organic way that takes care of this beautiful earth that we live on.
Why old roses? For their generousness of size and proliferation of blooms. For their romance and history. They are more like large flowering shrubs rather than a collection short canes of the modern hybrid tea type roses. For their voluptuous and romantic shapes and distinctive colours in a palette that soothes the eyes. For evocative and varied fragrances that fill the air with their heavenly scent. For their ability to survive and even thrive on neglect if need be but respond to the smallest amount of attention from their owners. For their lack of need of high quantities of fertilizer, pruning or any spray regime in order to look and smell beautiful. For their impervious attitude to extremes of heat and cold, and sometimes barren soils.

Our old rose garden has hundreds of varieties which put on a voluptuous spring display and then go on to provide blooms right throughout the year, including some over winter too. The roses are ably supported by their flowering companion plants which marry the roses to the landscape and help to provide seasonal interest and even the occasional herb and vegetable too. Old roses love to be grown organically.
Hybrid Perpetuals, Bourbons, Teas, Chinas, Hybrid Musks and Shrub Roses are my favourite rose families for their generousness of blooms and fragrance all year round.

I have recently published the book 'The Year of Talking To Plants' by me Sarah Rajkotwala, combining my interest in new age spirituality and metaphysics with gardening, fairies and gardens.
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