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Initial post 4 days ago by Jay-Jay
Available from - Georges Delbard,
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Initial post 4 days ago by Jay-Jay
From the site of Delbard:
Nom commun Rosier
Nom de variété Thierry Marx®
Protection variétale delviopar
Famille Rosacées
Genre Rosa
Espèce floribunda
Couleur des fleurs Mauve
Floraison Mai à Octobre
Parfumé Oui
Utilisation en bouquet Oui
Couleur du feuillage Vert foncé
Feuillage Caduc
Variété remontante Oui
Hauteur De 80 à 100 cm
Distance de plantation 50 cm
Résistance aux maladies Très bonne résistance
Type de sol Riche
Nature du sol Tout sol
Type de croissance Rapide
Exposition Ensoleillée
Rusticité Jusqu´à -20°
Création Georges Delbard Oui
Date de création 2019
Période de livraison De mi-Octobre à mi-Avril
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Initial post 11 JUL 18 by jeffbee
one of my favorite. this is a rose I would recomend to everyone.
I am a nose-roser, fragrance is one of my top standard for roses.
JC is one of the best fragrance supplier.
its fragrance is always strong, with lemon+stawberry+cream(in colder times). so the flower smells like stawberry cream cake. delicious~
the flower is bi-colored, the upper side of the petal is pink, with yellow in the center of the bloom, making the flowers look like glowing.
and the arrangement of the petals is divine~! so harmonious
JC does not grow fast, but strangely , it's still very remonant, with above-average bloom quantity.
in my experience, JC likes loose soil with better drainage(comparing to other austins)
JC grows slower, so a bit more nutrients would help.
Reply #1 of 8 posted 26 AUG by StrawChicago Alkaline clay 5a
Thank you for your experience !!
Reply #2 of 8 posted 27 AUG by Nastarana
Jeffbee, could you tell us something about the climate in your part of China? The Austin roses in particular are somewhat notorious for being rather fussy about climate in the USA. 'Graham Thomas' for example is magnificent most of CA and a wimpy disease magnet in the North East.
Reply #5 of 8 posted 10 days ago by jeffbee
sorry for the late reply, I live in China, so you know I seldom receive messages from abroad in time......
I live in Shanghai at that moment, with very humid weather, lots of rain from march to may, and also very hot in summer.
but JC is definitely very resistant to most diseases, almost no disease at all.
you can trust this one:)
Reply #6 of 8 posted 10 days ago by Jay-Jay
But in periods of hot weather and drought, it stops flowering. No repeat flowering in 2018 & 2019 at all!
Reply #7 of 8 posted 10 days ago by jeffbee
i agree.
it seems most austin likes good water supply, they don't do well in drought conditions.
and I also agree on the hot condition thing. because Shanghai have very hot summer..... we use every method from using shade nets for covering, to use bricks to raise up the pots from the burning concrete floor, to help the roses survive the notorious shanghai summer.....
i think it's relevant with the breeder, austins are from England, where the climate is humid and cool. the austins perform best in this kind of condition.
Reply #8 of 8 posted 9 days ago by Jay-Jay
Maybe, You better try the roses that thrive in Australia. As for instance Tea roses. Or the roses that originate in their ancestry from Chinese roses. Best Regards an Good Luck!
Reply #3 of 8 posted 4 JAN by HappyRose
How will it do in Austin, texas hot heat. When it rains, some of my roses will get black spot bad. Is this rose black spot resistance?
Reply #4 of 8 posted 4 JAN by Jay-Jay
As for Black-spot it does well in my garden. Even last year with temps up to 40°C and dry weather with lots of sun.
But our climate isn't comparable to the Texan.
In rain or humid conditions no Black-spot to my knowledge, I rated it for disease-resistance on HMF as excellent!
You might take a look at the photo's on HMF of foliage or of the whole plant for this rose.
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Initial post 4 APR 16 by Jay-Jay
Info provided by Rosen Tantau KG:

"Schöne Maid® is a nostalgic rose with a remarkable fragrance.

The city Baden-Baden made this rose a gift to its honorable citizen and singer Tony Marshall on the occasion of his 70th birthday of which he then named the rose Schöne Maid, after the title of his most successful song. The rose produces many shots and is very vigorous. Already early in the year the rose shows large, full double, shallowly shaped flowers, which later form a quartered cup. Fresh green foliage. Very good second flowering.

A true fragrant rose, which was dedicated to the singer and honorary citizen Toni Marshal from the City of Roses Baden-Baden in Germany.

Label: Duftpreis Baden-Baden 2013

Type Nostalgic-HT

Flower size, open: 10-12 cm

Height: 70-100 com

Fragrance: *****

very intensive HT rose fragrance

Plants per sqm 4-5

Planting density/

Resistance **** mildew

**** black spot

Use: scented garden, HT rose beds, small groups, also suitable for tubs

Characteristics: Perfect also as container. Early flowering. Might be a bit sensitive for frost.

Awards: Best fragrant rose in Baden-Baden 2013, in La Tacita and in Tokio, Best Floribunda in La Tacita, Silver Medal in Tokio,

Best Hybrid Tea in Geneva".
Reply #1 of 3 posted 26 DEC 17 by jeffbee
May I ask for your comment about this rose? how is the vigor/bloom frequency/fragrance of this rose? Thank you
Reply #2 of 3 posted 26 DEC 17 by Jay-Jay
I recall, that I posted the comment about this rose, when info was wanted about it and about its peculiar German name too.
I do not grow this rose, as You might see under the Gardens tab.
So I can't provide You any info from own experience.
You might click on the Gardens tab and contact (one of) those that are mentioned there to ask Your question.
This friendly person might react:
Reply #3 of 3 posted 10 days ago by jeffbee
thank you
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