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14 APR 18
Purchased April 2018 from Rose Petals Nursery

4/30/2018- planted today
14 APR 18
Purchased April 2018 from Rose Petals Nursery

4/1/2019- Still in a 3 gallon pot. This one has been slow to get growing.
6 APR 18
Got a lot of planting done today. A large bed previously reserved for daylilies was dug up and replanted with roses (and a louisiana iris) because the daylilies were too difficult to keep up with as far as weeding goes (plus, over the years several died, leaving holes which allowed more light and thus, more weeds / tree seedlings.). I've potted up the daylilies from that bed for now. For roses, I planted McClinton Tea, Devoniensis, Etoile de Lyon, Edith Perry and Lady of Shallot. I'll also be adding a blue plumbago. Hopefully I won't hate the color combos. When the heat gets here (we're in the mid 80s now), the hot colors should be pretty faded, so I think they'll mingle ok.
3 APR 18
*** Growing near Houston, TX: sub tropical zone 9a. Mild winters, hot, extremely humid summers that last half the year. No Spray garden. ***

Purchased 1 gallon plant at my local HEB grocery store 4/3/18

6/3/2019- planted today next to Pretty Lady Rose. This has been a heavy blooming rose, even in a 3 gallon pot.
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