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Initial post 21 APR 18 by subk
I can't believe there are no comments yet on this fabulous rose. Vigorous, generous, black spot resistant this has been a spectacular rose in my Middle Tn garden under heavy disease pressure. In 4-5 years it has grown to be 6' tall and almost 10' wide. It takes a lot of space, but deserves every square inch of garden it takes. It has an excellent spring flush, produces flowers through the entire summer and has a strong fall flush when the summers aren't too dry. I can always count on it to have blooms that can be cut for the house. In my zone 6b-ish garden where it was between 0 and 5 degrees this winter it only had freeze damage on some of its branch tips. I don't spray, rarely water, and other than a few shovels full of horse manure twice a year (if I get around to it) don't give it any special care. This rose really deserves a wider distribution than it has!
Reply #1 of 1 posted 10 JUL 19 by drogers
In looking at our mother plant here in Central Florida I find that it is very clean. Having had very high rates of rain fall and high humidity for some weeks this plant appears to just shrug it off.
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