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South Carolina, United States
Although I only recently began to sow seeds of my first rose hybrids, I have been growing a few roses, along with orchids and bonsai, since 1993. I began growing orchids when I was 15, (over 35 years ago) and have named and registered several hybrid Cattleyas. I worked at the Lewis Vaughn Orchid Garden adjacent to the American Orchid Society's headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida from 1984 to 1988. I grew up in a family that devoted itself to growing plants. My mother had a huge orchid collection in greenhouses that totaled nearly 6,000 sq feet, which she operated commercially until my father's death in 2004.

I now live in central South Carolina and was bitten by the Old Rose Bug in 2012, after a friend gave me cuttings of Caldwell Pink, Buff Beauty and New Dawn. I'm interested in miniature, smaller shrub roses, and any own-root hybrids, and of course, species. My goal in breeding is to produce beautiful and unusual roses which are disease resistant, especially to Rose Rosette Virus (RRV) I now have attempted to grow about 400 different rose varieties, both hybrids and species, many of them collected cuttings from old roses from my neighborhood, area, region, and of course, other rose enthusiasts.

I grow almost everything in pots, and 100% organically. This means no spraying whatsoever. So far, so good. The late 20th century tea hybrids don't do well, but I'm practicing horticultural Darwinism - survival of the fittest, to help me choose the most suitable parents for my rose babies.

Unfortunately, I know no one locally who grows many OGRs, or organically grown roses, so I had to start from scratch. My mentors in this endeavor include Modern Organic Old Garden Rose breeder John Starnes, Jr. of Tampa, FL, commercial organic rose grower Pam Greenewald, of Alachua, FL and rosarian Kris Kremser of Kremser's Nursery and Plant Farm in Swansea, SC.

In my state, but one USDA zone colder, are both Bill Patterson of Roses Unlimited, and author and horticulturist Paul Zimmerman. I hope to become acquainted with both of these men in the near future to be able to pick their brains, and exchange plants and information.

I will be starting a Rose Garden Blog called: Reisman's Rosewood Garden, S. Carolina, in the near future, here on

In it I will reveal all of the amusing rose-growing errors I have made in the last few years.
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