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15 AUG 16
Early in the morning, I found my new Champagne Cocktail rose bush setting with flowers in a form like nothing I have ever seen before... It was early around 6:00am the temperature was 54 degree as I walked my grounds as I normally do each morning with my hands wrapped firmly around my hot cup of coffee, admiring all the new day’s flowers.
Anyways my Champagne Rose came via Rouge Valley Nursery and like most of their roses; it is growing on its own root. Truthfully, it has been a slow starter just now setting it first sets of flowers. Naturally, my camera records these new blooms so I could uploaded them to HMF and add them to my library. The next day (today) I went back to see how the new flowers were holding up and that is when I found that the flowers were closed up much like what my ice plants do each night. I have never seen this before nor read that roses can close up overnight. I guess there is still much to learn about these amazing plants.
2 JUN 16
easy elegance champagne wishes has an amazing fragrance and grows well here in zone 5b North Idaho with no winter protection.
30 MAY 16
I live in the beautiful remote town of Hayden Idaho, it is deep in the forests of the Columbia Mountains. We have huge lakes that are over a thousand feet deep. Here we have mixed zones ranges within 15 miles of each other with frequent sub micro zones. My home is zone 6\5b and I have around 200 roses. I am extremely excited this year to bring alive many new disease resistant breads based on my winter readings of books like (150 Roses Without Chemicals) by Peter Kukielski. For me it all started due to single rose called Knockout, this rose made me feel like I was a natural master rosearian. However I soon found out the true meaning for the saying. A "Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose." written by Gertrude Stein because today I know those four roses only share the name (rose) other then that they are nothing alike. :)

Knockout woke me up to colors that could be shared for seasons rather then days, weeks, or a month or two. Soon I was addicted and my family was goggle searching (Rose addicts clubs) Nevertheless it was them that would change as they are all garden rose heads. The year of 2016 is one of hope as I observer all the wonderful shades of life bleeding into my estate.
13 MAR 16
Just came in from Direct Gardening.
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