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10/01: Total Cuttings 2021:
Seafoam x1 (2020), Abe Darbyx1 (2020),MmeAnisette x1, Jasmina x2, Pomponella x2, The Fairy x1, DayDream x4, JtheO x4, Liebeszauber x1, Neil Diamond x2, MarieDaly x1 (dying?), SunshineDaydream x2, Oakleaf H. x1.
Barely rooted = SD &OLeaf H.
Small Rooted = ND,MD, DDx2, JtheO x3.
Planted at Dans: MA x3. Cl.TheFairy x3 (two at Randys backyard with Penelope x1), Jasmina x1, LofSh (2020 cutting), AutumnSunset (2020 cutting).
10/01: Removed dead Oak and Pine. 10/07: Planted DayDream next to stump. 10/08: Dans SallyHolmes has RRD. :(( NewPrius!!! 10/09: Planted JtO at Randys front fence.
10/10: Inniswood Winter: 1:WhiteGrootendorst 2:NOID Poseidon 3:GoldenFairytale Whetstone GofR Winter: 4: Apricot Nectar 5: Clotilde Soupert 6:CreamVeranda 7: Poseidon 8: BlushNoisette.
10/13: Struck with cinnamon WGroot,GFTale,AprNectar, CSoupert, CreamVeranda, BlushNoisette & MelsHeritage.
10/17: RitterGofR,HuntintonWV. 10/18: In Ground next to bungalow garage. With cinnamon.Hot Cocoax6, Fun in the Sun x8, QueenOfElegance x7, Fun inthe Sun x8, NoidYellowSingleThornlessScentless x9. +1unknown extra. Deer pulled out and ate leaves of prior cuttings. >:((
8/2: potted up Jasmina, Pomponella x2, The Fairy & Daybreak. Golden Olymp bloomed and is actually Lady of Shallot.
8/3:potted up Mme. A., TheF x 2. Rosy Mantle budding. Full bloom 8/6.
8/9: Deer ate buds on Bliss and other roses. Dug out Abe Darby, but seems to be recovering since replanted.
8/11: repotted Seafoam, Sweet Chariot, Mme A., The Fairy x3.
8/12: Repotted Pomponella, Jude the Obscure, Mme.A x 2, Daydream, Screaming Neon Red... NOT SNR, but Daydream!!!!! Change tag!!!!!.
8/19: dug out Christian J and Setina due to RRD.
8/20: Repotted Prosperity, Jasmina x2, Lieb. & Pomponella.
8/22: Marie Daly, Jthebscure x2, Lieb., The Fairy.
8/26: Pomponella, Jasmina, The Fairy,
8/27: Madame Anisette, Day Dream, Pompanella, The Fairy
8/31: CUTTINGS: Unrooted cuttings: Sunshine Daydream, Pomponella, Neil Diamondx2, Jude the Obscure, Day Dreamx2,Tooth Fairy, Oakleaf Hydrangea.
Small rooted cuttings: Jude the Obscure x2, Marie Daly.
Well rooted cuttings: The Fairy times x 3, Day Dream x2, Madame Anisette x 2, Pomponella x2, Lieb. X 2, Jasmina x2, Prosperity, Jude the Obscure.
Prior roses: Princess Charlene de Monaco, Seafoam, Wind Chimes, Windrush, Lady of Shallot, Rosy Mantle, The Fairy, Abraham Darby, Madame Anisette (3 cuttings,1 pot).
9/2:Potted for first time Pomponella & JTO.
9/3: Day Dream bloomed true.M
9/4: repotted Prosperity, Lieb., Mme Anisette, DayDream, The Fairy, Jasmina x2 (divided single pot).
9/10: Divided and repotted Mme Anisette x3. Repotted Abe D.
9/13: Dan planted PCdeM, Jasmina, MmeAnisette,RosyMantle.
9/14: up-potted Neil Diamond 1st time. Divided Sunshine Daydream cuttiing with tiny roots.
9/16: Planted The Fairy, Cl. in Randys backyard with compost & alpaca manure.
9/18:Up-potted to slighly larger pots JtheO x2, Neil Diamond.
Planted Prosperity in Randys backyard along fence next to TheFairy, Cl.
9/27: Planted Windrush in place of Christian J in front yard.
9/28: Dan planted Cl.The Fairy under side library window. 9/13. Cut back Lemon Zen (RRD?), dug out La Marne regrowing from leftover root with RRD. Planted NOID red rose in drive bed. Looks great!!! Removed 2nd Darlows Enigma from side bed.Planted ASunset by gate at some point. Bliss, PdOr, LofSH, SweetChariot, BBlush.
9/29: Planted 2nd. Cl.The Fairy in Randys backyard.
9/30: brought Mme Anisette x3 to Dans.
26 JUN
6/12: Repotted no ID. Drenched and fertilized all potted roses. Seafoam in bloom still, setting new bud. Abe setting bud but pinched. Wind rush setting bud.6/22: bloomed.
6/21 roots on Prosperity.
6/23: Repotted Rosy Mantle, Purple Skyliner, Stormy Weather & Windrush.
6/25: Bloom on Marjorie Fair.6/29: Fertilized and drenched all pots.
6/30: Repotted Prosperity to 3 pots from 2. Repotted for better drainage PCdeM & Abe Darby. Potted up TS, PS,TheGG, Seafoam,Cinderella,RosyMantle & Golden Olymp. Great roots on all!
7/22: Dan took TS, Savannah, VS, TheGG, PS &Cinderella. 7/23: repotted Windchimes, Pomponella x2, Tooth Fairy x3. Neil Diamond calloused. Fertilized and drenched all pots. Dan sprayed ALL his roses!7/24: potted Daydream x2, Mme. A x2, The TF. 7/26: Dan planted TS, Savannah,VS,The GG, PS. 7/27: potted Mme. A, Jasmina. Potted up Golden Olymp, Rosy Mantle, Sweet Chariot, PCdeM.
7/29: Stormy Weather bloomed.
Cuttings Inventory: 2021: Prosperity.
CGofR: 6/20: Sunshine Daydream?,Neil Diamond,Fiesta, Marie Daly, Jude the Obscure, Jasmina, NoiD white flower with mainly 5 leaves in same bag as JTO&Jasmina,Possibly WOH, Liebeszauber, Screaming Neon Red, The Fairy, Pomponella,Madame Anisette, Daydream.Oakleaf Hydrangea.

Struck Cuttings of Oakleaf Hydrangea. Applied worm castings to Prosperity.
Cuttings 2021: 6/21: Struck SDD?, ND,F and Marie Daly ?with cinnamon/rooting hormone.6/22: Struck ND w/outCin., and SNRed. "X" denotes NO CINNAMON!!!6/23: NOID W/Y/Green singleclusteredflowe(WollertonHall),Jasmina,Liebeszauber,Jude the Obscure (JTO), Pomponella,The Fairy, Day Dream Shrub Lim, Mme. Anisette.1 cutting bloomed that was supposedly Sunshine Daydream but probably is WOH.
5/5: paid for roses Longagoroses DCEarly paypal. 5/6: roses from ARE: Plum Perfect, Bliss, Belinda's Blush,Perle D'or & Savannah.pd by CTD. 5/10: drenched ARE roses. 5/12: Received and potted roses from Long Ago Roses: , Vineyard Song, Rosy Mantle, The Generous Gardener and Purple Skyliner. 5/16: Planted Plum Perfect, Viking Queen, Autumn Sunset, Belindas Blush, Mirandy &Perle d'Or. Removed our RD LaMarne. Received from High Country Roses Sweet Chariot, Tequila Supreme, a PCofM, Stormy Weather
6/4:Repotted PS, VS,TheGG.6/6: Mirandy bloomed and NOID!6/7: repotted Rosy Mantle. Fertilized all potted plants at bungalow. Mirandy Either Fragrant CIoud or Tropicana.6/13: repotted Bliss and Savannah. Savannah some BS. Seems to improve with fertilizer. Everything wanting to bud. Planted Viking Queen, NOIDMirandy.
7/?: Planted plum perfect and Perle d'or, Belinda's BlushAnd purple skyliner
7/31: planted Savannah and Tequila Supreme, The Generous Gardener, vVneyard Song and Cinderella.8/2: transplanted cl Crimson Glory and Phyllis Bide and planted Stormy Weather. Golden Olymp bloomed and is actually Lady of Shallot!
9/1: planted Bliss (in front of Moonlight in Paris, long fence) & Sweet Chariot (In front of NOID The Fairy, short Fence ).
9/13: Planted PCdeM, Jasmina, MmeAnisette,RosyMantle, LadyOfShalott. Need to plant Dream Land and Awakening.
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