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SavoySteph Z5 Milwaukee
most recent 27 MAY HIDE POSTS
Initial post 27 MAY by SavoySteph Z5 Milwaukee
Savoy Hotel, a STAR after enduring its first winter including two straight weeks near -25. Greened up immediately and generously when temps allowed. Lost all canes above mulch line, as expected, but perfect below. Pruned up nicely and already has many small rose buds 5/23 (it has been a wretchedly cold spring). Bonus: maybe some of the Japanese beetles died?!
most recent 19 SEP 18 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 19 SEP 18 by SavoySteph Z5 Milwaukee
Savoy Hotel is a gorgeous, healthy winner. Fastest-establishing HT for me and floriferous. Braved 4 straight weeks of near biblical rain, bearing perfect flowers in first year, with only one of 6 plants developing black spot. Beautiful, deep blue-green, robust foliage. From Palatine in Canada, bare root.
most recent 15 MAR 17 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 15 MAR 17 by SavoySteph Z5 Milwaukee
Opinions vary, but for those in search of it, New Day (Kordes) now available at Menards (Midwest Big Box store along the lines of Lowe's) in Body bags, with which I have had good luck. Get 'em now while they're in best condition. Always check the web site first to see if your store has roses in stock, listed under #1 1/2 Rose. Miscellaneous varieties in large skid. Dig through it to find what you need. BRING GARDEN GLOVES!!! $5.

Also: Heirloom, Fragrant Cloud, The Fairy, Iceberg, Blue Girl, Don Juan, Queen Elizabeth, Gold Glow, Oklahoma, Camelot, Champlain, plenty I didn't pay attention to because they were not what I need. Last year they had Belinda's Dream, JFK, Mr. Lincoln and Peace, among others. If I return, I will write them down.
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