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'Black Boy (LCl, Clark, before 1918)' rose photo
Photo courtesy of 4seasonz
New Zealand
I am Salila Bryant. I live in New Zealand. I am a science librarian by profession. I am an organic backyard Gardner. I also have a collection of roses and other flowering plants that I love to take care. I love my garden and it gives me an immense joy in life. We have recently bought lifestyle block where we are going to build our retirement home. I am propagating plants for our future garden, particularly old roses. My intension is to have a garden center for old roses, because it can generate us an income too during our retirement.

I love old roses, because of their resistance to diseases and fragrance. I build up a profile for each rose type I have as a manual for growing. Roses in New Zealand are very expensive. I try to grow plants from cuttings. I can say most of the times I am successful. I grow vegetables during summer and winter. Because I am working full time, I have very little time for gardening, Yet I manage to maintain my garden quite well. All my vegetables and flower garden is maintained organically. I never use fertilizer or pesticides. We make our own compost year round. When it comes to hard work, it is my husband who helps me. This website is my reference source, thanks for it. My other hobbies are reading, cooking, travelling and photography. I have a good collection of macro photographs of flowers. I cant imagine my life without my roses, books and camera. This is my life...
Beginner (6 years)
Breeder, Photographer
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