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11 MAY 17
I am trying to decide between Lupe's Buttons, and Penelope, both Hmusk roses.
I wish I could see them both. Penelope has a stronger scent, LB has hardly any.
But that plant is so beautiful. I think that is the plant my neighbor has. It has gorgeous white flowers and peach colored buds. It blooms profusely on arching canes.
Peneloe sounds like it is similar, not having seen it, it's hard to tell.
I am looking for a white rose to put in my atrium.
11 MAY 17
I am thinking of choosing between 'Lupe's Buttons", and "Penelope'.
I am leaning toward Lupe, because it is such a stunning rose bush with its' gorgeous clusters of white (with a hint of pink on some petals) roses. The peach colored buds are beautiful. But the Penelope has a strong fragrance. I wish I could see them both before deciding.
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