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Initial post 28 APR 17 by Dinglehopp3r
Large, beautiful, fragrant roses are produced fairly freely on the ends of long, arching canes. I want to love this rose because it has one of my favorite blooms and an incredible fragrance... However, this rose is a blackspot magnet in my humid East Tennessee garden. It is the always the first rose to show symptoms, and usually by midsummer it is completely naked. I have two of these, the older of the two is in a location where it only gets 5 hours of sun, so I put a second one in a spot where it could receive all day sun, and the tendency to blackspot seems to remain the same. I am going to give the second plant another season, and if it keeps this up I will be removing both.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 18 AUG 17 by dna8577
Hello Dinglehopp3r,

I am in a similar area to you regarding the black spot pressure (North Alabama). I am really liking Golden celebration, but your post made me wonder if I should choose another yellow. You mentioned how your GC is a huge black spot magnet and defoliates. Do you have a no spray garden, or do they still go naked even with spraying?

Thank you,
Reply #2 of 2 posted 20 AUG 17 by sam w
Along with the blackspot, hot weather makes short work of the flowers. I live in Arkanas with hot humid summers.
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