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Jim Lyle
'High Jinks ™' rose photo
Photo courtesy of Jim Lyle
Jim Lyle
United States
California Coastal Rose Society member, Fallbrook Garden Club member, Daughters put on a rose workshop for the Garden Club members about every 2 months at our house. We have a 90 year old house on 2 1/2 acres with lots of large Live Oak trees on the valley side and on the uphill side, two half acre paddocks, and an arena and corrals for my wife's Tennessee Walker and a Percheron Quarter horse. Between the horses and the valley we have about 75 roses along with California natives and drought resistant succulents. We also have 3 Golden Retrievers and a recuse dog that use to look like a fox with a long beautiful tail until he got too close chasing my car down our long driveway. Now he is without a tail. We have free range chickens and a couple of cats. And we have gophers although the horses do a pretty good job of stomping the ground where the gophers try digging their tunnels and one of our cats is a hunter and our rescue dog 'Rascal' digs holes where the gophers pop up. Still, all of our roses go into gopher baskets which we make prior to planting. It is a challenge to be a rose gardener with our less than 6 inches of rain a year, 4 dogs that do a pretty good job of being a 16 legged bulldoser when they get running thru our gardens, chickens that forage for bugs but every day move mulch from where we want it to some downhill collection zone, did I mention gophers?, Argentine ants that have made
Southern California one large ant colony along with their aphid farming and of course those destructive thrips.
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