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Lady in my late thirties. My gardening journey started in 2015. Since then I have slowly increased the size of my garden. The first owner of our house were my great grandparents, I still have many photos of how the garden used to look, and I want to make it as lush and colorful as it was back in the day. I like to think that where ever my great grandmother is, she approves of what I'm up to :)

Roses are some of my favorite flowers, they are not the only flowers I own of course but certainly the type of flowers I have the most of. I have about 25-35 different roses in my garden, most of them floribundas so far. Our house is built on ground where there once was rock, so some places in the garden the soil is very shallow. That can be a challenge when you love roses. I just have to work around that problem, build up rose beds or find roses that might accept shallow soil.
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