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Yesterday I planted the Gemini from RU in between Oh My! and Soft Whisper. Today I replaced Gold Medal with Rose Rhapsody (Heirloom) and replaced Dublin with Pride of England (Heirloom). The new Palatine bare roots planted late April , 2022 (Lucille Ball, St. Patrick and Crescendo) all leafed out quickly, but mostly only on one cane. They're just kind of sitting there. I suspect midge is what got to them. It's Lucille Ball that I really want to do well since it is not easily replaced.

Will plant 5 more potted roses tomorrow - replacing dead soldiers and adding one new spot to the garden.

Great stretch of weather we're having - normal temps at long last and plenty of sunshine and occasional rain.

Final count looks like 7 dead (5 own root and 2 grafted) and about an equal number which are alive but struggling. I'll do what I can to nurse those struggling roses back to good health.
31 MAY
Back fully recovered - was able to golf Saturday and Monday. Not much done with roses other than watering. Most seem to be growing well. The RIP list is up to 7 - Gold Medal/Dublin/Pink Enchantment/Liv Tyler/Bride's Dream are all own-root, plus Neptune and Wedding Bells grafted on Dr. Huey. A small handful of others like Firefighter, Brigadoon, Veterans' Honor and Papa Meilland are slow to get going but look like they just might make it. A complete surprise is that the Kordes HT Wedding Bells did not make it. It was well protected so I am at a loss on that one. I am very disappointed that several own-root bushes appear dead. I even protected all those well - same as all the others. I thought own-root roses were hardier than their grafted counterparts. Not for me thus far.

My Lucille Ball from Palatine leafed out quickly but looks like only 1 cane is actively growing. That's not a good sign.

Need to fertilize everything. Started with Fish for deck, garage roses and Bonica. Used Liquid Love for the Circle Garden. Used 2/3 Fish and 1/3 Worm Tea for North and South gardens.

Hot weather - high 80s - combined with 20-40 mph winds the past few days. Wind so strong that a few nice canes have been snapped off. Not much I can do about that unfortunately.
24 MAY
The back is nearing 100%. Just in time for golf Friday and Saturday. Fertilized my Bonica and the garage roses earlier today (but not the Screaming Neon). Lots of work still to do.
21 MAY
I have not been able to work in the garden since the last post. I somehow strained my back (happens every few years) and it lays me up for sometimes as much as two weeks. I tried to golf this morning but could not bend into the proper position for putting. Oh well! It just means that maybe some of my rose bushes won't get fully uncovered and pruned until maybe June!

Most everything seems to be growing well. Definite casualties from winter appear to be Liv Tyler (own-root), Bride's Dream (own root), and Neptune (Dr. Huey, planted a little too high). Other candidates that I have not given up on yet would include (all own root) Gold Medal, Dublin, Brigadoon and Pink Enchantment. Grafted varieties in danger would include Brigadoon, Veterans' Honor, Firefighter and Papa Meilland. Seems like every few days I can see a little red shoot popping out (hopefully not sucker growth!) so I'll be patient with these. All 9 Ring of Fires seem to have survived, although the quality from best to worst is quite wide. One bush each of Playboy and Lavaglut are puny (only one cane) compared to the other two bushes, so I ordered replacements from Roses Unlimited. I also could not resist ordering Marlon's Day and Cajun Moon from RU. These both are Horizon Honor Roll roses that I have not grown before.

Everything in pots, with the exception of Papa Meilland, seems to be doing good. Papa budded out, but then got burnt by some scorching hot sun it seems (location is sunny until maybe 1:00 pm only), and is now trying to overcome that. Fingers crossed. I have a small army of potted roses in front of the garage that eventually will make their way into the ground.

We had a dry spell from May 1 to May 18 where it really didn't rain. It has rained just over 1" in the past 3 days and there's likely more coming today. Last weekend I took the lazy approach and used the sprinkling system to water the rose beds. Worked well but it's hard to tell how much water you have put down. I'll have to conduct an experiment on that - sooner rather than later. I can use my fancy plastic measuring cups I reckon.

I have not fertilized yet nor sprayed. Will do first thing when my back allows.
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