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Initial post 2 NOV by AndromedaSea
For me, this rose grows like a climber. It has long, super-flexible canes. It also has the most wicked thorns. If the flowers (which are quite pretty) didn’t look like the pictures, I’d think this was mislabeled. I don’t see how it can ever be a tidy shrub. The canes get wrapped around each other and everything else because of those thorns.
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Initial post 18 OCT by AndromedaSea
Available from - Palatine Roses
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Initial post 25 JUL 21 by RoseAddict_NorthTX
Can we update the size? He’s about 5 ft or taller. Not just for me but also saw that in a rose garden. He gets tall! Definitely not 35 inches!!!
Reply #1 of 2 posted 16 NOV 21 by AndromedaSea
Agreed! Mine threw out numerous canes that were over 6’ tall, and I only planted this rose as a bareroot this past spring. I’m actually here to see if anyone has grown this rose as a climber. I might just buy an obelisk and let her go. The octopus canes were not a good thing here. But, I love the flowers, the scent, and the overall health (no black spot!).
Reply #2 of 2 posted 23 JUN by ms_margaret
Mine is 8+ feet tall grafted on multiflora from Palatine. It's bushy and vigorous. It has long arching canes.
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Initial post 1 JAN 22 by AndromedaSea
This rose does very very well in my humid zone 7a garden. I bought this rose from the local hardware store and it’s likely grafted on Dr Huey.

My soil is clay, and often a little wetter than I’d like. I mounded this rose a bit higher than grade, and it has not had any problems from the clay. The flowers are large, fragrant and beautiful. The shrub is upright with strong canes. I’ve seen some black spot in my no-spray garden, and this rosebush seems to be pretty resistant-a few spots here and there, but not much. The blooms just kept on coming all season, and the shrub also grew a nice amount. I liked this rose so much that I ended up buying a couple more.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 18 APR by Joule
I am considering planting 3 of these 30” apart for a corner showstopper in a semi formal garden. But I am concerned it will be too big and out of scale. I too have clay soil in 8b. How big did yours get?TIA.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 19 APR by AndromedaSea
In 7a, it stays pretty close to 3x3. One of mine (I ended up getting five!) is maybe a little wider than the others. But they are very well-mannered here.
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