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Initial post 25 JUL 21 by RoseAddict_NorthTX
Can we update the size? He’s about 5 ft or taller. Not just for me but also saw that in a rose garden. He gets tall! Definitely not 35 inches!!!
Reply #1 of 1 posted 16 NOV 21 by AndromedaSea
Agreed! Mine threw out numerous canes that were over 6’ tall, and I only planted this rose as a bareroot this past spring. I’m actually here to see if anyone has grown this rose as a climber. I might just buy an obelisk and let her go. The octopus canes were not a good thing here. But, I love the flowers, the scent, and the overall health (no black spot!).
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Initial post 20 MAY 19 by DPH
My great grandmother originally called this rose "First Lady" in honor of Mamie Eisenhower. However, when she went to Washington, DC to present the rose to the First Lady, Mamie Eisenhower was unavailable. So, instead she named the rose "Sterling Silver" for a friend who wanted a rose for a silverware pattern.

I was first told this story by family members some 20 years ago, never quite sure about its authenticity. However, in the past year, while researching family ancestry, I have found one newspaper article referring to the lavender rose as "First Lady" and one photograph of her being presented the patent with the naming story written on the back.

(I also possess a set of family silverware from the 1960s with a rose pattern, which I now assume is patterned after the Sterling Silver.)
Reply #1 of 1 posted 6 NOV 21 by AndromedaSea
Thank you for sharing this story! I recently ordered this rose and like knowing how its name came about.
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Initial post 2 SEP 11 by monimoni
i purchased purple tiger as an own root last fall, so i didnt really see it perform til this season, i was afraid i had made a mistake in purchasing this rose because of the other post. So far i have not been disappointed by this rose. It has bloomed for me every 6-7weeks. It is still very small, so it only has approx 4-6 blooms on it. I have not had any problems with black spotting and it is to small to cut for the vase.. But it is winter hardy for zone 6,pa, i donot mulch in winter because all my plant beds are rock to keep out unwanted moles, and purple tiger did just fine. So for me this rose does work in my garden.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 3 NOV 21 by AndromedaSea
It works well for me here in NJ/7a as well. Pretty much everything in my garden gets black spot in late summer, but this rose didn’t seem too bothered by it. It had a very lnon-prime spot (a little more shade from the willow tree than I’d expected) in wet, heavy clay. The flowers were gorgeous, the stems are plenty strong, and this little rose has been quite a performer for me.
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Initial post 5 SEP 21 by JoeyT
Healthy, constantly putting out huge, stunning blooms, tolerant of heat and (ahem) intermittent watering...what's not to love about this rose? It's one of my favorites.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 2 NOV 21 by AndromedaSea
How big does this rose bush get? Does it throw out long canes, or stay compact?
Reply #2 of 2 posted 2 NOV 21 by JoeyT
Mine hasn't thrown out any long canes. It has stayed a very tidy 3x3ft shrub.
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