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Initial post 19 MAR by Rose_Insanity
I honestly think someone was trolling us with that first (lousy) rating of this rose. It has been an excellent performer here in black spot heaven... hot, humid East Tennessee. Our summers are torrid (days, nay, weeks of 90F and higher, 80% humidity); our winters are cold (down to snow); our Springs are fickle (50 degree swings in 36 hours, 70's to 20's!). Tupelo Honey has shrugged it ALL off like a trooper. So, I rated this rose fairly, which barely brought the average up to "good-". Don't let that deter you. It's a much better rose than its apparent rating here.
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Initial post 12 MAR by Rose_Insanity
Currently offered own-root by Heirloom Roses, March 2020.
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Initial post 24 MAY by Rose_Insanity
Does anyone have any idea why so many of the photos are tagged as being incorrect? My Tequila has presented colors and form that match them all, depending on the time of year and the temperature. It's not my favorite rose (it was given to me, and I'm not a fan of orange in any flowering plant), but it is moderately healthy and a blooming fool.
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Initial post 30 MAY 16 by Rose_Insanity
Absolutely one of my favorites. Love the color, the bloom form and the robust vigor of the plant. Lauren has a definite character that I would describe as "elfin cheerfulness", lol. For me she blooms nearly continually, especially if I can keep up with dead heading her, but it's not necessary in order for her to keep pumping out blooms. She is rapidly approaching 5'x3' as a third year plant. Bone hardy in zone 7 (two winters down to 0 degree F. By the way, she spent her first winter forgotten in a pot, sitting in a frozen puddle most of the winter. Sorry Kim!). Supposedly she's hardy to Z2. Lauren would be worth trying anywhere. I'd love to see a hedge of Lauren. It would be spectacular, and she's well suited to it.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 16 JUN 18 by scvirginia
John, is your 'Lauren' still about 5' X 3', or is she larger by now? I'm trying to figure out how large my plants might get. I read that it can get quite large in California, but am guessing your conditions are more like mine.

Reply #2 of 2 posted 19 JUN 18 by Rose_Insanity
Hi Virginia,
Sorry to take so long to answer. The debacle over at Houzz/GardenWeb has kept me busy answering emails, lol.

Lauren has actually shrunk a bit, with some mysterious die back this Spring. I would suspect downy mildew, but the symptoms didn't quite match. She lost a LOT of twiggy growth. I had a few other roses suffering the same fate, but they're all putting out new growth now. I'm hoping Lauren returns to her full glory. She's a sight to see in full flush.

Last year she was finally beginning to bulk up, not necessarily getting broader, but more full. Right now, she's probably 4'x3.5', and if not for the die back would probably be larger in both directions. She's a wonderful rose, but I do have to spray her for BS in the Spring. Once it really heats up (like now....sheesh! 95F in June????) she does just fine without spray.
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