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Garden Valley Ranch
Garden Valley Ranch
California, United States
I started gardening when I was 3 or 4 years old, planting portulaca and daylilies. Both my paternal grandmother and my maternal grandfather were gardeners, though my grandmother had the biggest influence. As a child and teenager, we used to drive through the countryside looking for wildflowers to plant in her garden. We had amazing success, and I remember seeing her fields in bloom during the spring and early summer.

Now I garden on a 10-acre site, with thousands of roses, but also lots of other plants. I'm especially fond of poppies and hardy perennials. I've even had success growing the blue poppies (meconopsis) from seed to bloom here. I also have a deep love of lupins of all types, and have several species and hybrids on the property.
Very experienced (61 years)
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