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Beth's Northern CA Rose Garden
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Initial post 17 MAR 16 by Beth's Northern CA Rose Garden
I just got my plant from Ludwigs Roses in Phoenix. OMG! The scent is wonderful. I don't understand why the member ratings give it a "poor" rating. It smells so sweet and almost like a blend of berries. I'm gonna love it!!
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Initial post 12 MAR 16 by Beth's Northern CA Rose Garden
Rose Listing Omission

Lesotho Prince

This is from the Ludwigs website:

ORAdirange hybrid tea

A royalty for a royalty. The blooms of Lesotho Prince are classically shaped with a high centered peak in each bloom & an elegant reflexing
of each opening petal into a pleasing star shape.
The color is an extremely luminous orange vermilion with a lighter creamy hue on the reverse of each petal.
The bush grows upright to chest height & produces numerous stems all season long.
They are long lasting cut flowers.

Plant Height: Shoulder Height
Colors: Cream , Orange , Vermillion , Multi coloured
Uses: Bedding, Cut-flowers, Exhibition

It's available from Ludwigs Roses in South Africa and now in Phoenix, AZ
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Initial post 19 FEB 16 by Beth's Northern CA Rose Garden
Apparently this rose was recently added to the list. I've had ROSEANNE since she was intro'd in 2000. I found my old Spring Hill catalog where she was featured on the front cover. Here is what the description in the catalog says: "Named for Roseanne, 'America's favorite Domestic Goddess.' Intense wine red, extra-large 5" blooms exude a heady rose-and-citrus perfume. Long stemmed flowers with deep green foliage are superb for cutting. Bushy plants 3-4' high and 2-4' wide bloom all season. (Zones 3-10)"

I added some of my best older photos. This rose is really quite beautiful. She's hard to photograph totally accurately. The colors are so rich and velvety in person. It's a shame she's not sold anymore. I believe the reason she wasn't marketed for long, tho, is due to the fact that she is pretty heavily virused. My plant did not show the signs of RMV until a few yrs after I received her. In my climate, the high temps of summer seemed to "burn off" the virus after awhile. I haven't seen it showing those signs for sometime, but, she also hasn't performed very well the last few yrs. I'm not sure if it's due to the virus or if it's due to my lack of care. The bed she's in hasn't been maintained very well I'm afraid. And fertilizing is something I get to when I get to it! That being said, the other roses in the bed around her do quite a bit better, and seem to thrive on neglect. Maybe if I get around to fertilizing this yr, she'll perk up. Now that I have a new camera, I'd love to get some really good, newer photos of her.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 20 FEB 16 by Patricia Routley
Thanks for that Beth. If you can give us the year of the Spring Hill catalog, we'll add that as a reference.
Can you see if there was any breeder or parentage mentioned?
Reply #2 of 2 posted 21 FEB 16 by Michael Garhart
Thanks for the description. Your experience with RMV mirrors mine when I had Catherine Marie. Absolutely awesome HT, but virused to heck and back. Sad.
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Initial post 6 FEB 16 by Beth's Northern CA Rose Garden
None of the suppliers listed carry this rose anymore. At least not in the USA.
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