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most recent 14 DEC HIDE POSTS
Initial post 14 DEC by Lens Roses ®
Can I write here some information about Y1971, a rose from Lens Roses, bred by Ann Velle-Boudolf; it's a hybrid musk/shrub, height 100-120cm, large: 60 cm, colour: purple, purple pink. Slight fragrance - Few prickles - little double flowers, diameter: 2,5 cm, flowers very double +40 petals - large clusters + 24 flowers - upright growing and slightly arching. Introduced in 2019.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 14 DEC by jedmar
Thank you, we have added the Information to our listing of Y1971. What will be its trade name? Also we have two different breeder codes (VEL15mroa and VEL15mtora) reported from Le Roeulx and Madrid Trials. Which is correct?
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Initial post 3 SEP by Lens Roses ®
Dear Mr, Mrs, There is a mistake with the rose Rosa x kokanica 'Vácrátót', mensioned on HMF as 'Vácrátót'. It's a rose introduced by Lens Roses in 2012. A long time ago we received seed by the University of Luik (Belgium). Seed from different Arboreta and Universities all over the world. As in Luik they didn't do anything with this seed they send us during 2 years a lot of different hips of lots of sorts and varieties. In one of the bags there was seed from Rosa kokanica coming from the Vácrátót Botanical Garden, Hungaria, We named this very interesting white seedling after the Botanical Garden were it came from. It has white simple flowers, whit 6 petals, flowers 5-6 cm. The little mat foliage is similar to the foliage of pimpinellifolia/spinossisima. It flowers early in May and during summer often a branch with flowers appear. In August plenty of black hips appear.Height: 200 cm, large 120 cm. Upright growing. I will place some extra photos of this rose. Best regards Ann Velle-Boudolf, Lens Roses.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 3 SEP by Patricia Routley
Many thanks Ann. We have added this additional information to the file for Vácrátót. Would you please check all is OK now please.
In the future, it would help if you place your comment in the Members Comments for the actual rose. Sometimes it is hard to link up where we obtained the information from when it is in Website Errors.
most recent 7 OCT 18 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 7 OCT 18 by Lens Roses ®
Hello, I'm Ann Velle-Boudolf but I'm not the hybridiser of this rose 'Heike Giannotti'. The hybridiser is a amateur rose lover Gérard Heubrecq from Belgium.
I'm in contact with Gérard. So if you want more information I can send you the email address of Gérard Heubrecq.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 7 OCT 18 by Patricia Routley
Thank you Ann. We’ve changed the breeder to Gérard Heubrecq.
Contact details for breeder’s are always valuable to check details. Perhaps if you send me Gérard’s email in a Private Message.

While we have you, may I check a couple of details with your roses.
Was ‘Pretty Red’ bred by Lens or Velle?
Are there any code names for ‘Wilderode’ and ‘Prins Alexander van Belgie’.
Are there any names for VELpinktsi VELtriepin, VELsibewes, VELmari, and Y905.

Thanks for your help.
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Initial post 10 OCT 17 by Lens Roses ®
Dear Mr, Mrs,
This photo has to be turned/rotated to the right.
Is it possible that the roses I created are mentioned under the name : bred by Ann Velle-Boudolf (Lens Roses).
Thanks in advance Ann Velle
Reply #1 of 1 posted 10 OCT 17 by Jay-Jay
You can rotate Your photo's Yourselves on HMF by clicking on the "Edit" button (after You clicked on the thumbnail = small photo) a screen opens and in it there is the possibility to turn/rotate Your photo Yourselves.
Good Luck!
Dag Mw. Ann Velle, Uw foto kunt U zelf roteren, door op de kleine foto te clicken, daarna boven de grote foto op de "Edit" knop te clicken, en dan staan onderaan dat venster twee mogelijkheden, om de foto te roteren.
PS: Beautiful own bred roses You uploaded photo's of!!!
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