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Initial post 10 OCT 17 by Lens Roses ®
Dear Mr, Mrs,
is it possible to rotae / turn this photo to the rigt. It hasn't been coppied in the correct way.
Thank yoy
Ann Velle, Lens Roses
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Initial post 1 AUG 17 by Lens Roses ®
We gave the rose R.gallica Officinalis x Etoile de Hollande a commercial name: Etoile pourpre.
This rose is very popular in the gardens of Sangerhausen. We have it available in our catalogue.
Best regards
Ann Velle
Reply #1 of 1 posted 3 AUG 17 by Patricia Routley
Thank you Ann
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Initial post 9 FEB 12 by Lens Roses ®
Kiftsgate Violett is the wrong name for Dentelle de Bruxelles, which is a cross from Kiftsgate x Violet hood.
The rose is planted in the garden of Sangerhausen with the name Kiftsgate x Violet hood,
Reply #1 of 2 posted 9 FEB 12 by HMF Admin
Thank you. Just to confirm, you're saying Dentelle de Bruxelles and our listing for Kiftsgate Violett are the same rose.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 17 NOV 15 by Patricia Routley
3-4 years down the track, I am sure Lens Roses were saying just that. We'll merge the files if nobody has any objections.
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Initial post 22 OCT 12 by Lens Roses ®
Rose Listing Omission

Schengen Rose

Velpager - Schengen Rose (Ann Velle-Boudolf 2010)
Hybrid Musk, shrub
single (5 petals), flowers medium: 5cm; fragrant, very large clusters of single flowers, continously flowering, hips in autumn,
Height: 60-80 cm
On the occasion of the 25 anniversary of the Schengen agreements was chosen together with the Luxembourg rose Association a rose that the European spirit reflects. The Rose has 5 petals, like the 5 countries that joined to open their borders to the free movement of their inhabitants. Each flower is different: the pink edge of the petals shows different shades of dark pink to paler, spotted, striped, with dots, light ... and a white Center. This results in a harmonious bouquet. This Bush iscontinously flowering. The stamens have a perfum of herbs and lemon.
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