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Marita Protte
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Initial post 15 MAY 16 by Marita Protte
I'm convinced this is the real Rosa x centifolia foliacea. I always wondered why Sangerhausen never had doubt about their specimen because the main feature, the long sepals are lacking. Can you tell me where I can get this special rose?
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Initial post 21 NOV 15 by Marita Protte
Wilhelm Keller wrotes in his catalogue from 1833 on page 38 about Pourpre de striés blanc: An image of this rose can be found in issue 4 of volume 6 of "Die Annalen der Blumisterei" from Reider under the altered name "Panzerea".

and Nickel lists it in his fourth and fifth issue of his book "Cultur, Bennenung und Beschreibung der Rosen" from 1845 on page 113 as "Purpurea albo striata alias R Panzerea"
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Initial post 20 NOV 15 by Marita Protte
other sources for the Gallica "Ma plus Belle" are:
Wilhelm Keller: Verzeichniss und kurze Beschreibung der grossen Rosen-Sammlung des Kaufmanns Wilhelm Keller in Duisburg am Rhein, 1833
page 36, Nr. 536 ""Meine Schönste" medium, purple-brown velvet


C. Nickels: Cultur, Benennung und Beschreibung der Rosen. Viertes unf fünftes Heft. Pressburg 1845
page 102: "Ma plus Belle" splendid, fragrant. corolla: crimson with darker shadows, velvet, hardly 2 Zoll (5,5 - 6 cm), full, flat
Reply #1 of 1 posted 21 NOV 15 by Patricia Routley
Thanks Marita. Added the Nickels reference. Perhaps Jedmar might add the Keller one?
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Initial post 20 NOV 15 by jedmar
Sehr schöner Fund! Gibt es noch mehr?
Reply #1 of 1 posted 20 NOV 15 by Marita Protte
Ja, noch einige. Ich muss schaun welche davon bei hmf gelistet sind. Diese hier hat mich interessiert weil ich eine Fundrose habe die ihr sehr ähnelt aber nur einmal blüht.
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