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Jeri Jennings
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Initial post 16 MAY by Jeri Jennings
Alice Flores received this rose directly from Sean McCann as a gift. The rose Sean gave her is a large SINGLE. It has FIVE petals. It is not double or semi-double.
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Initial post 19 APR 18 by Patricia Routley
Has anyone compared "Benny Lopez" (syn "Mystery Santa Barbara Rose") with "Old Town Novato" (syn "Jay's Hudson Perpetual")
Reply #1 of 2 posted 21 APR 18 by Nastarana
I doubt it. I think some CA gardeners grow both and would surely have noticed if the two cultivars were the same.

I have not seen tall arching growth nor does my plant sucker so far.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 12 MAY by Jeri Jennings
DEFINITELY not the same!

Blooms are similar. Habit is similar. Foliage very different. Vase life different.
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Initial post 14 NOV 14 by Hardy
Some crosses between invasive species scare me a little...
Does this rose show signs of being a yard eater?
Reply #1 of 1 posted 18 APR by Jeri Jennings

It will become a massive plant, and it can sucker. Do you need a burglar deterrent?
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Initial post 11 APR 10 by Jeri Jennings
Tina Marie is a WHITE sport of Grandmother's Hat, discovered and registered by Vintage Gardens.

The rose discovered by Tom Liggett is Larry Daniels, and it is light pink.

I grow both, and they are not identical.
Reply #1 of 6 posted 12 APR 10 by HMF Admin

Just to confirm - so you're saying we should remove Larry as discoverer for this rose.

Reply #2 of 6 posted 12 APR 10 by Jeri Jennings
Yes indeed! This rose was discovered at Vintage Gardens by Gregg and Phillip.
They propagated and registered it.

We're among the few who have it, because they've lost it.
But it is planted at the Sacramento City Cemetery, right across from Grandmother's Hat, where it is white, to GH's pink.

VERY different roses, if only different in bloom color.
Reply #3 of 6 posted 12 APR 10 by HMF Admin
Thanks Jeri !
Reply #4 of 6 posted 12 APR 10 by Jeri Jennings
Any time!!!
Reply #5 of 6 posted 22 FEB by Jeri Jennings
Remove Larry? I don't understand.

But FWIW -- growing them in the same area in my garden, 'Tina Marie' and 'Larry Daniels' are NOT the same rose.
Reply #6 of 6 posted 22 FEB by Rupert, Kim L.
I think the poster confused "Larry" with the discoverer instead of the rose name.Also, please see Anita's post dated July 3, apparently 2007, in the next thread below this one on the rose page for Tina Marie. She reports that Vintage did not discover it, and that they didn't claim to. Mel verified it in the post above hers.
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