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Aparna Hari
'Scarlet Meidiland' rose photo
Photo courtesy of Aparna Hari
Aparna Hari
Wisconsin, United States
My husband Hari and I have a small garden, which we call "Amoeba". It started with creating some arbitrary shape in the front yard, which to our eyes looked like the uni-cellular organism "Amoeba". So the name just came by itself. It has daylilies, asiatic lilies, roses, Daisies, cosmos and other perennials. Over the three years we have expanded and included few more roses, and made the shape of the front garden round. But the name "Amoeba" remained.

We have Champlain, Scarlet Meidiland, Charles Albanel, Red Eden, Carefree Marvel, Seedlings of Alexander Mackenzie, Compassion and Ramblin' red, which we named as Rosa Sita, Rosa Ramanuja, Rosa Gauranga, Rosa Krishna and Rosa Radha.

Most of the summer mornings whenever our garden is in flower, we pick the flowers in a basket for our worship and we were never disappointed by our Amoeba. I like having many hardy and disease resistant varieites in my garden, and which bloom profusely.
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